Wapello, Iowa

To tell u the truth all I wanted was a seiki 24 or26" tvdvd combo witch online they said they had but guess what no, had every other tv but. And then try to write a complaint good luck.

Just another corporation out to please the share holders, and to *** with the every day shoppers. Corporat greed just what is bringing this country into the toilet. Thanks for the outlet.

What do u *** get so much per word. What the *** said what I had to say, but wasn't enough for u *** You all had to *** me off even more.

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walmart sucks such ashame they since WE CANT possible give TARGET our money SINCE THEY HAVE THIEves THEY ARE franchising out our CREDIT CARD INFO


There isn't a word spelled "u." I'm surprised that you think WalMart sells "witches." I never knew they sold them. Were you trying to buy the TV online or at the store.

If you went to the store after seeing they had them on the website by the time you got to the store the last one could have been sold. It isn't the end of the world, it sounds like you have some growing up to do.