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Before I left on a 2620 mile trip, I went to Sequim WA Walmart Auto Center for an oil change and check-up. They said they could and would check all fluids except coolant, which wasnt allowed, and battery as their battery machine wasn't working.

I thought, "Ok, I can do that myself," and made an appointment. I did my own check of battery and coolant, all okay, and left my car at Walmart, asking them to also replace windshield wipers. They did, I picked up the car and drove it 2.7 miles before leaving on the trip to Las Vegas. I drove 331 miles and stopped at a rest area 10 miles north of Eugene Oregon, about 3pm on March 16, 2015.

When I came back to the car, I saw yellow gunk running out of all orafices at the front of the car, and film on the passenger side front window. They had hooked the oil cap on an ingine *** Luckily, it had not fallen off. Some of the bypassers told me Walmart guarantees its repairs so I had AAA tow me into the Eugene Walmart where I waited almost 5 hours until a young man told me he had done as much as he could with paper towels and I should see a mechanic. I thought, "Duh, what are you?" Then he said he had tried to check the RPMs but when he turned on the engine the needle went "way over" to the right, then dropped back so he though he had broken it, and turned it off.

Then I knew not only was he not a mechanic, but also not mechanically inclined, since he didnt even know what RPMs are. The "Free" guarantee at Walmart is worth exactly what you pay for it. nothing. By that time it was after 8pm and nothing else was open.

It was like pulling teeth to get any documentation out of them. The "manager" couldnt understand why I wanted anything. Finally agreed to give me a photocopy of the original bill they had printed out, with the "technician"s handwritten notes. When I said there was not a mileage recorded, he wanted to know why they should, they weren't chargeing me.

I asked if they didnt use it to document their employee's time, he asked, "What for?" I got the impression they did not want to commit themselves to anything that might come back to haunt them. They had added 1.9 quarts of oil, so I hoped I was safe driving 20 mph down I-5 to my pre-paid hotel. I got there safely after midnight. The next day the concierge referred me to a Jakes Auto Center in Canyonville OR who spent hours steam cleaning, checking everything, and making sure I would have no more problems en route to Las Vegas.

And, he only charged me $40.00.

Upon my return to Sequim, Walmart did refund the $40.00 and my original bill. Hardly worth the effort, and a clear warning that Walmart Auto Service is anything but service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

  • Bad Oil Change
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