Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania

I travel quite a bit so I get to several stores around the US. You have employees that do not meet what I think and what you should expect as professionals working in the stores.

Examples: Checkers with bad teeth, body piercing on all parts of the face, young men with pants hanging half down their butt and oversized earrings. To me, it looks like you have gang members working for you. Point is, I do not think your stores are showing the professional attitude that they should. When I go to checkout, I don't expect to be greeted by someone who looks like some tribe in the jungle when you live in America.

I have left the store on checkout when these sloppy people have been there to check me out.

I left merchandise on the counter and walked out. I always thought Walmart was a professional business.

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half of the customers that shop at Walmart look worse than the employees do.


If I saw the OP I could probably complain about how they look.


If you go to Wal-Mart at the first of the month just sit and watch the next productive generation walk in the building. Spending a vacation day this way is better than the zoo, but does not build you hope for the future.

Hope - Change - and the give me give me generation!


When employees are paid at a level barely above minimum wage, don't expect them to be dressed or groomed professionally. If you expect employees dressed more professionally, you should probably start shopping as retailers such as Macy's and JC Penny. The are geared towards the more affluent consumer group, anyways.


When you, so willfully, walked your hind parts pass the automated threshold you were at that point in WalMart territory and were privy to observance WalMart tribal customs. So to your post I must say "Unga & Bunga"

That means get familiar ***!! WalMart in the Muther-Ferking heizzy!!

Jedi K

Looks like the OP just wants to hire beautiful big boobed women or big *** men so he or she can get laid. However ugly people scare shoplifters so maybe it is done on purpose.


Dear Ugly Employees,

If you want to be surrounded by attractive "professionals" shop at Nordstroms...get a massage...your teeth cleaned....have a coronary angiogram. Was your blog a joke?

If Walmart could discriminately hire only attractive people with all their teeth for minimum wage...pretty sure Walmart would be out of business. They wouldn't have anyone to doctor the security films!


when has Walmart ever been professional? I'm not gonna go against them though because I usually enjoy shopping there.

they might not be the best in customer service or appearance but they have good prices on most things. if you don't shop there because of how the people look then you have problems.


Show the world what you look like and we can judge you. If you left the store because of what someone looks like obviously someone did not teach you not to judge.