Minden, Louisiana
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I had a real ugly mean woman staring me down as I bought my groceries at the self checkout today at my local Wal-Mart community grocery store. Dam, she sure is ugly.

She be staring at me like she thinks that I am going to try to steal something. She absolutely disgusts me every time she be watching me like that. i think that I am going to start taking my business back to Market Basket across the street. They be Friendly Folks and Fast Service at Market Basket and they be having a checkout person to ring up your groceries.

Wal-Mart, If I could, I would cast a spell to make all of your customers go shop at Market Basket instead. I be sick of every time I be using the self checkout line, yall be having one of yall ugly women staring me down with a look on their face like they be thinking that I be trying to pull a fast one and not ring up something so that I can steal it.

Wal-Mart, yall need to be opening up mo resisters with an actual human being ringing up groceries. If you can pay them to stand there and give me the evil eye, then you can pay them to operate the cash register.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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She be doing that because she be thinking that you be there to steal. She be thinking that you be trying to pretend you be scanning something when actually you be just putting in yo cart without paring for it.


Yeah, just because they are a colored person they have to be closely watched while they use the self-checkout lane. That is discrimination and people of color deserved to be treated with respect from Wal-marts everywhere. They shouldn't be watching you like they are a "ShoplifterCatcher" Just because someone is of color doesn't mean that they are any more likely to steal than anyone else!


Well, i think that it is very rude the way they eyeball with a look on their face like they think that you are going to try to rip off something when you are going through the self checkout lane. Why aren't they ringing me up instead, if they have time to stand there and eyeball you then they could be spending that time checking you out and they could leave the friendly store greeters to catch and would be shop-lifters.

There is no reason that they couldn't be smiling with a happy look on their face while they are watching you. It is bad enough that I gotta check myself out without having to tolerate that.

rude employees, go get a job at a General Dollar store if you want to dish out that attitude. Sam Walton would be pissed off he he knew that you were working in one of his store treating the customers that way.


Very rude comments


You're rude


You should be ashamed for writing this. Remember God doesn't like hate


They Sho Do be Racist watching like they be thinking you be there to steal. just because of being black. That is shameful and disgusting and god doesn't approve of them doing that.


Prolly just trying to smash and you hatin

@Da ***

they sho do *** me off when they be watching me like that! {{Redacted}}