Madisonville, Tennessee
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I ordered two tires before realizing my son already stopped and replaced the tires. I tried to cancel the tires and even though they had not shipped and order was in processing there was NO way on online to cancel order and there is no way to speak to a live person to explain the problem to.

I most likely will have to keep my money tied up for a week until the tires arrive so I can return them and then wait for my money to be released. Also I found out later that the tires were in stock in my store all along.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Walmart com customer service.

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Walmart .com is a lousy place to order.Never get it right.Ordered one toothbrush was billed for five . ridiculous! !!!


I would take them to your local store first or contact the store before contacting


realm188 why do you only attack Walmart complaints?


As you can see, that comment I made first on this post was not an attack. I have the right to disagree with someone and call them out when I feel that they are wrong. Walmart is not the only one that I have been to on this site.


realm88 also is that your real pic? Because if it is, I actually know you in real life and wow what a side of you I have never seen and this is why you don't put pics on the site like this. You get found.


jflower --

is that your real outline of a person? because if it is, I don't know you in real life and don't think I would any how because you complain about EVERYTHING!!

Did you get any presents that you are complaining about?

Funny you would say ""this is why you don't put pics on the site like this. You get found"" yet your pic is NO PIC AT ALL!

Why don't you put up your pic? Or will we really see a pic of jflower's Mommy?