I purchased an instant tent at The day it was expected to be delivered, it was shipped, so I had to wait an additional four days to pick it up...therefore this transaction started with problems.

I wasn't satisfied because instant wasn't really instant when it came to taking the tent down. I was out of my neighborhood walmart area but figured I'd stop at whatever walmart I saw along the way. With receipt in hand, I stopped at the closest walmart to return the tent. CS Rep scanned the receipt then the tents barcode and the system crashed.

I waited about 30 minutes while they assured me there was no problem. I was then sent back to the photo dept because "they had the ability to process the return"... Not only did she not know I was on my way back to her dept, she took me to electronics to use a different computer to process my return with the same outcome.....system crashed. While the CS rep proceeds to call three other Walmart stores and asked if they were able to process returns from site to store, all of which said yes, it's now been close to an hour and I'm now on the phone with a very rude employee who tells me the only thing he could do was send me a return label for me to mail it in for a refund.

I decide to go to one of the walmarts the CS rep called. I get there, it's a walmart market! I go to the CS counter and the rep needs approval to accept the return, manager comes over and proceeds to tell me "we don't sell tents so we can't process the return." I tell her to call the manager at the previous store and all of a sudden she says...."ohhhhh yea she did call me, I didn't know this was a site to store item, I can process the return." They scan the receipt, doesn't work, they look up the order using my name, can't find it. I'm then told by another manager that was called over to assist with the return that they couldn't process the return because the item wasn't in their system.

I haven't given up yet...I know there's another walmart on my way home so I stop there. Same problem, scan receipt, scan item, system crashed. I'm completely outdone, I shop at walmart religiously and this is the service I receive. I don't feel like I should have to wait for a return label and mail the tent to walmart just to receive a refund.

I am supposed to be able to return this tent that I purchased online with site to store deliver to ANY walmart and that didn't happen today.

Reason of review: Poor & Rude rep and unable to return item at store..

Monetary Loss: $168.

Preferred solution: Full refund at my local walmart, I shouldn't have to wait on snail mail for a refund. It took less than 3 minutes for to debit my account and I deserve to recieve my refund just as fast..

Walmart Pros: Cs rep called other stores for help.

Walmart Cons: Instand rejection at the walmart market market.

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I used to work site to store. All items purchased site to site can be returned to any store as long as it is within the other return criteria: return period, not abused, all parts present, etc.

If the system crashed at multiple walmarts. It sounds like they just didn't know what they were doing.


i don't think they knew what they were doing. I went to the store I picked it up at and had no problem with the system. I received my refund.


Are you absolutely positive that your item was one that could be returned to the store. Just because you ordered it Site To Store doesn't mean it can be returned to the store.

Not everything you order Site To Store can be returned to the store.

Whenever I order something from, even it isn't Site To Store, I make sure it can be returned to the store. If not I go without the item.


I am absolutely positively certain that the tent was returnable to ANY walmart. I always do my homework before purchasing anything online.

If it can't be returned locally I go directly to the store.


Lol sounds like you didnt do your "homework" on the tent or else you wouldn't have need to returned it. Also, Walmart employees cant magically make a crashed system go back up.


Lol...*** do you see how well the tent will break down without trying it out...trying it out was part of my***. Maybe you should have done your homework and read my responses to***...I got my money back *** that