Chattanooga, Tennessee

Son bought a Phillips 7" DVD player on june 9,2014 for birthday gift. I wanted a 9-10" screen so went to walmart to exchange or refund (didn't make a difference to me) on july 2,2014 less than 30 days.

I had the reciept and the box was unopened but was told that they did not exchange or refund electronics after 15 days. Well it's not written on the reciept and my son said no one said anything to him about not being able to trade it in after 15 days.

I won't be buying any electronic in the future from walmart! And I will pass the word on to all I know about this *** policy.

Monetary Loss: $67.

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No need, the policy's right here.

The following electronics items must be returned within 15 days of receipt:


Computer hardware


Digital cameras GPS units Digital music players Tablets E-Readers Portable video players See also Prepaid Phones and Cards


Its posted right at the service desk in large letters. Shame on you for taking back a gift from your son in the first place.


It's clearly labeled in the department.