Cedar Hill, Texas

Brought my roommate who doesn't have a license/car to our local Walmart. He bought some beer and stuff for dinner and I grabbed some school supplies.

We got in line together, I checked out first.. and then the clerk refused to sell him the alcohol because we had gotten in line together and I was under 21. I've brought him to many grocery stores and even this same Walmart.. and he's bought alcohol and he's never been refused the sale before.

After an incredibly long and *** week and day this was incredibly frustrating and humiliating. I've never seen anything about that refusal of sale on the TABC before.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: Price checker.

Walmart Cons: No answer to complaint.

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It's unfortunate Walmart doesn't offer free remedial lessons in COMMON SENSE....


Some of their employees can take that class as well.


Why does this site allow silly non complaints like this?

Youd have gotten your beer if you werent completely incompetant at skirting the law. Get into a different line or wait a few people back... If this needs to be told to you you shouldn't be drinking you barely have the brain cells to function as it is!


That's called compliance with the law, dummy. Don't get mad because you're breaking the law.


Read the federal and state laws dumb ***...you come in as a group you get id as a group. Even if you slipped past before its illegal...pure ignorance!


We never slipped past, the times he bought beer I was not with him. I should have made this clear, once I as with him and used my older brother`s ID.

They believed it was me since we look similar.

The point is they ease dropped in on our conversation and that is how they knew he was buying it for me and refused the sale. Had nothing to do with the law.


Admitting to breaking the law online, you must be either very bold, or very foolish.


PS, we had to drive to another Walmart so that he could by the alcohol for me. This was a waste of gas.

I know I am under the age to drink, but after a hard school week my friends and I wanted to enjoy a beer and relax. Being a student is costly, and having to go to another store to buy the beer cost us in gas money. The deal was since I am 20 I drive him to the store to buy what he wants and he buys me beer since he is 21. But because I was with him they refused to sell the beer to me.

The employees must have been ease dropping in on our conversation. How else would they know that I was under the legal drinking age and he was not therefore he would buy the beer for me. *** Also why is the drinking age 21. We can join the army at 18, and risk being killed.

Both in Canada and England the legal drinking age is 18. Australia as well.

*** working at Cedar Hills Walmart. *** making our laws.


And *** like you that break the laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Ease dropping?" I can't STAND when they do that! LOL!