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Wal-Mart is in fact the worst company you can work for and be a customer for. Their skeleton crew that they provide is not enough for workers to get the jobs needed done and keep the customers satisfied.

I was fired merely because I was absent, on top of a customer stealing something months before. Their understaffing was so bad, (and the lack of security tools too) forced me to either lock the item on a peg without a wrap, or definitely have a customer steal something off my cart as I had to work with a customer on phones and phone cases.

This company NEEDS to pay its workers more, it NEEDS adequate amounts of tools, and it NEEDS more people. I am never working here again. I still get stories from people who work at the store I work at who are now under going panic attacks. Its killing them.

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that is 100 percent correct skeleton crew not enough time for people do any of their job its bullcrapand management doesn't do a *** thing about because they follow corporates instructions .stuff goes out the garden door all day long can't do one thing about it :(


yes. he is right.

I am sorry I didn't mention about how long I worked. it was nearly 4 years and with a lot of friendly people on the staff...unfortunately the company itself is not as friendly. They did do the icing on the cake when they noted to the Department of labor and training that our state of emergency we had in the winter season was an absence for me as well too.

I told them I was sick and I always called in sick. I am not going to leave anymore information as to stay anonymous from my employer.


sorry about my foolish comment


Sioux Falls, how many sites do you reply to daily?


When you start a business that is consistantly 1 or 2 on the Fortune 500, you can start giving Wal-Mart business advice.


Poor baby, you were fired merely because you were absent. How often were you absent and did you call in or just plain not show up? You sound awfully immature.