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Todays Rant.

I urge others to complain to Walmart Corporate at 800 Walmart.

Today I stopped off at the Centerville Utah Walmart. They were selling a printer for 19.00 but were out of them. I called the Layton Utah Walmart and asked if they had the same printer. They did and I told them I would be coming to get it. Never in a million years would I have imagined that there would be a price difference. Layton Utah Walmart wanted 34.99 for the same item. I asked for a manger and the woman, using this term loosely, informed me that Walmart doesn't price match. I told her its a *** Walmart. She said they dont price match. Well I promptly left all the *** I had piled up in the self checkout and walked out.

So I just spoke to a man from the customer service department at 800 Walmart. He stated to me that price differences are at the discretion of the management. WOW *** WOW. #fuckwalmart. #walmartsucks. #walmartdiscriminates. #walmartiscrooked.

So I informed the man on the phone that I thought it was *** Centerville Utah is a nicer area with wealthier individuals. Layton Utah not so much. It has a huge diverse ethnic population and most people are poor or struggling. So why is it that the nicer areas get better prices and the poor areas are raped for GOD knows what kind of prices. Also this Walmart is in proximity to Hill Air Force Base. So one can only assume WALMART IS RAKING IN THE DOLLARS FROM OUR HARD EARNED MILITARY PERSONNEL THAT STRUGLE IN SO MANY WAYS. #WALMARTRIPPINGOFF MILITARYFAMILIES. I am ranting about this in hopes this post is shared. I am for the record completely done with Walmart. I will never set foot in a Walmart ever again. I will continue to shop at amazon. #putwalmartoutofbusiness.

Before today I had no idea this was a thing. My brother bought over the counter medicine last week at the Centerville Utah Walmart and istwas $10 cheaper than Walmart in Layton Utah. Walmart is a corporation not a franchise. This is price gouging, and it unethical and immoral. Join me in boycotting Walmart.#boycottwalmart. Walmart does not care about poor people or poorer areas. Give them the boot!

Rant over. FYI I am writing a formal complaint to the FTC for all the good it will do. #WALMARTISEVIL

Reason of review: immoral dealings.

Monetary Loss: $19.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Too many to mention.

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Bye Bye. I'm still shopping at Walmart whether you want me to or not.


With you attitude, I am sure you will not be missed. Good riddance.


It may well be a pro enter they are closing out and one store may have had a more urgent need for the space it was taking and reduced the price.