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I purchased a Craftsman riding lawn mower in June of 2018 from Walmart. After speaking with the salesperson, I also purchased a 3-year protection plan that was supposed to cover any issue with my product after the manufacturer's warranty.

The lawn mower worked as expected for the first 3 months.

When I tried to start it the following spring, it wouldn't start. I filed a claim through Walmart Protection Plan and got the runaround from day 1. First, they said I had to go through Craftsman because my product was less than a year old. Come to find out, Walmart isn't even an authorized retailer of Craftsman so the manufacturer's warranty was null and void!

I had to relay this info to the warranty center, because apparently they don't have any idea what they are doing.

They opened my claim and assigned my repair to a local repair shop and I was told I would be contacted within 2 business days to schedule the repair. 8 days later and already frustrated, I called Walmart Protection Plans back because the name and phone number they gave me for the repair shop were both non-existent! They informed me that the service had been scheduled (for several weeks later).

Finally, some random guy in an unmarked car (not repair service truck) with no tool belt, no tool box, just some guys, shows up and looks at my lawn mower. He said there was gas in the oil tank, which I already figured because I could smell gas when I checked the oil.

He said he would let Walmart know and they would have to get a "bigger repair company" to address the issue.

I followed up with Walmart, and of course, was given the runaround again! They supposedly hadn't received the repair report back from the agency, however said that my repair was marked as completed!! After speaking with a supervisor, Walmart informed me that I would have a resolution within 3 business days. Either a full refund or a new repair scheduled.

Of course, a week passes and I've still heard NOTHING.

I call and, naturally, get the runaround again. They still supposedly had no info from the repair shop (which is not surprising because this so-called repair shop isn't even google-able!!). After escalating up to a supervisor, and then a supervisor's supervisor, I speak with a gal named Belinda. She says she will get ahold of the technician and return my call by the end of the day.

Finally, Walmart kept their word and Belinda called me back.

However, it was only to tell me that the only way that gas could have gotten into the oil tank was OPERATOR ERROR!!! And accidental damage is not covered by the plan. I am the only person that has ever had contact with the mower and have NEVER put gasoline into the oil tank. Putting gas into the oil tank would be extremely difficult seeing how the gas tank opening is exactly double the size of the oil tank opening.

Walmart Protection Plans is completely immoral and unethical and will do ANYTHING to get out of actually doing their one and only job...

servicing/protecting purchases made at Walmart! I have done my research and with my particular model of Craftsman mower there is a KNOWN ISSUE of solenoid/carburetor float issues that cause gas to get into the oil tank and the engine to seize!

Plus, had I put gas in the oil the last time the mower was actually used, the engine would have seized last summer!

This lawnmower cost me $850 and the protection plan almost an additional $100, and for what?? For the product to only work for 3 months and to find out that the protection plan isn't even worth the receipt it's written on!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $950.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Not authorized retailer for item, Horrible customer service, Unethical, Unresponsive, Should be considered fraud.

  • inferior insurance replacement
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Nothing to do with the warranty. This happened on my generator.

The carburetor float got stuck open and filled my crankcase with gas.Its a good idea to use the fuel shut off valve when not in use (Which I never did). Still it was a malfunction that they should have covered.Thanks for the info.


Everything to do with the warranty. Products malfunction, that is completely unavoidable. But purchasing a repair/replacement plan to use in such an event, and then having it be completely useless because the warranty company will do anything to get out of covering your product, that is definitely an issue with the warranty more than the item.