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Bad service in Downey Wally World. Needed cauliflower but wasn't any fresh out.

All looked a day old. I tried to ask the produce dude but he ignored. I was so mad that I just started chunking cauliflower at the wall to get his attention. It was wrong for me to do I know but it was the accumulation of an already bad day I was having and he was the last straw!

He yelled at me for it and I finally just left my cart full of stuff right there and walked out of the store and went to the store across the street. He could hear me, he just didn't want to acknowledge me. This isn't the first time this has happened either.

It wouldn't of hurt him to go in the back and look, he didn't have much on his *** he was working on to begin with. He looked like he was just killing time.

Location: Downey, California

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MrsLea doesn't get bad service at Walmart. her ex husband works for Walmart Home Office so she likes to get "revenge" against him because he left MrsLea after she hit 400lbs from all of the McDonald's she eats. so now she tortures and harasses Walmart employees.


Poor ignorant Sioux Falls, South Dakota has moths flying out of her cu.,nt.


first off....throwing produce at a wall is not going to get the reaction you want because that dipsh** employee will eventually have to pick it up, so he probably wont want to help you because you have made them actually do some work

secondly...why the *** would you expect the produce section at walmart to be garden fresh??? that is pretty much buyer beware territory at any big box store.


Poor ignorant Sioux Falls, South Dakota just admitted that the produce isn't fresh..so there is nothing wrong with the customer complaining about the old produce I have actually seen mold on the produce at Wal-Mart. Which is why I prefer shopping for all my produce at the farmers market it's cheaper and fresh.


You kind of acted like a spoiled brat didn't you? Good Heavens!

I used to have my own garden. I did this for 20 years. When the stuff was ready to be harvested, I brought enough into the house for two or three days, plus whatever I brought in to can. To be completely honest, none of the produce that you buy in any store is what could honestly be considered fresh.

It is harvested quite awhile before it gets to the store. Furthermore, whatever cauliflower that they might have had in back wouldn't have been more than a few minutes fresher.

Whenever I look at the produce items, they always feel cooler than just from the mist that showers them every so often.

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