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Driving truck for weeks at a time without going home I often need to replenish my supplies. Trying to get into a Walmart now a days with a truck is damn near impossible.

Although they depend on us to stock their *** stores we can't shop there. Screw them.

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I know a few Walmart parking lots which definitely could not accept this. It's *** enough as a customer to even nab a spot furthest away from the store.

At the same time, I've seen other Walmart parking lots as far as the eyes can see. The only thing I can imagine is the lot is not geared for heavy loads. I know these days, there's way too much regulation on drive time to the point of ridiculousness. We tend to have drivers park in the lot simply because they can't make it to the next exit where a truck stop is.

Though I work in a warehouse, but the concept is still the same. All these regulations for truck drivers is partly why I decided to skip out on trying for a CDL.


Thats funny actually. Every Walmart I have ever been to has always had a huge parking lot.

I often see big rigs and rv’ers camping in the parking lot at night. I’m pretty sure the issue is the time you are going. While I understand the need to restock, expecting them to accommodate such a large vehicle during peek selling hours is a bit, shall we say silly. My buddy was a long haul lower 48 guy.

He said the same thing as you but about practically every business. Most are just not designed to handle a semi during the day. Yes it sucks but it really isn’t walmarts fault that all those customers are clogging up the parking lot. Those customers are driving regular sized vehicles and they take up all the parking.

It blows and it’s unfair and damn it all that’s life. Just saying a little perspective goes a long way. Yes, Walmart does rely on semi drivers but only the ones they hire. Ones that drive their trucks and park where they are told.

Every other semi driver has to park a mile away if they are lucky. But then again so does any vehicle that doesn’t fit in a regular spot. RV’s, trucks with trailers, buses. So getting all butt hurt that YOU feel singled out because you drive a semi is a tad reactionary.

Everyone with a large vehicle has to park way out there. Try and take a deep breath and laugh about it.

Brigitte L

I try to get into Walmarts at 0400/0500 on weekdays! I do park way out of the way on the perimeter and I'm only there to shop then leave I do not wish to be there any longer than the time it takes me to get a few items. I don't need some condescending comment from some *** who's never driven a truck so until you've been there and done it keep your comments to yourself


I don't think you will find many stores that have parking spots in their parking lots for semi trucks. Park your truck, get in your car and then go shopping.