Apollo, Pennsylvania

I was mainly pleased with my experience at my local Walmart, until I got to the checkout. While I was checking out, another Walmart

worker got in line behind me and started talking to my cashier. I thought that was rude to begin with. But what those two said next

really angered me. The worker behind me told my cashier that she was heading home. My cashier pleaded with her to take her home with

her. I took offense to this conversation because I am unemployed. I have no job, and here are the the most ungrateful women I had ever

seen. I told them that they should be grateful that they even have a job and to quit complaining. The worker behind me claims the

cashier was only joking and meant no harm by it. I said there are millions of people out of work in this country who would like to

have these ungrateful slobs' jobs. Then the worker behind me starts getting defensive and tells me to butt out. Before I leave, I tell

them I am going to report both of them for their rude behavior. I will make sure they both lose their jobs. I deserve a job more than

these two ever did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Anonymous-I can understand how you feel but in all honesty, I think you are oversensitized due to the situation you're in. Being unemployed especially at this time of year can be frustrating and overwhelming so I totally get where you're coming from.

Maybe the two employees have never been in the position you're in and so can't relate to your experience or have an understanding of it. They should be appreciative of the fact they have a job while others don't and that many would love to be in their shoes. I think everyone takes things for granted without realizing it when they aren't struggling like others are. I don't think they were intentionally being insensitive but most likely just shooting the breeze and sharing a moment of comradery since they are both in the same boat so to speak.

I do think they could've handled things differently when you brought it to their attention that they should be thankful to have jobs but perhaps they just aren't astute at being able to read and sympathize with someone else's feelings. Just shake it off and realize that in that moment in time they were a bit ignorant about your situation and how to handle it when you brought it to their attention and you were a bit sensitive due to worrying about your job and financial situation. Think back to when you had a job and I bet there were times you probably said something along the same lines of what they said. We all mindlessly say things just to make conversation at times.

I wish you luck on your job search and hope things go better for you soon. I can make a safe bet that when you do get a job you will be much more appreciative and thankful for it after going through what you have than you ever were before.

@Love america-quit assuming someone's black...white or whatever color based on what someone says. There is good and bad in everyone regardless of color and all the bad behavior doesn't reside in just one color, race, gender, country or religion.

You're welcome to your opinion of course but how about educating yourself a little better before making racist statements like you did.

If that is really your opinion of black people then I feel sorry for you because you 1)made a general assumption based on the few you've met & you are 2)missing out on opportunities to meet some great people just based on your bias. I pray you're smarter and tougher than that and will give others the chance to prove they don't deserve to be judged so harshly based on what someone they don't even know did.


Also, if a worker was off the clock, she is NOT allowed to help you. That is, in fact, illegal and can get her fired for working off the clock.

It's walmart policy. Good thing you don't work there.


I work at walmart as a cashier. The reason that cashier wants to go home is cause she has to put up with *** like you all day.

If you're unemployed, you need to quit spending your money at walmart and go sit your welfare drawing *** down at the job application kiosk and fill out the application. But I assume you're one of those who complains about how long it takes without stopping to consider that you're unemployed and have time.


It's sad when a customer decides it's not ok for a coworker to joke around with another coworker. It sounds like it was that person's day off, and maybe the cashier had had a bad day and would have liked to go home...possibly caused by customers like YOU.

I have heard MANY jokes like this from employees and more places than Walmart. It's a JOKE, get over it.


The workers were probably black!


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Hmmm hmmm. Indeed.

I agree with all of you. The poster of this "complaint", is the rude one. Is someone told me "I am lucky to have an ungrateful slob job," as so put, I would lay em out on the ground real quick. I bet you last your job for being either too g-a-y, fat, ***, ignorant, or just flat out incompetent.

I am unemployed too.....Oh wait, I went job searching the day I lost my job and not even a week later I have a new job and start in a few days!

Why dont you right out some resumes or maybe even hold up a sign that says, "Will b-l-o-w you for 10 cent, and you be aiight! LOL LMAO :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


My dear poster, if an employee is on his/her day off, then that employee is considered a customer. Employees of any business have a right to shop at his/her workplace when off the clock.

When that particular employee was shopping as a customer, she is not being paid and has no obligation to assist you. She has a right to time off. When she is a customer, she has every right to tend to her children first.

It is time for you to get off your high horse, and realize that nobody owes you anything! You will need to drop the superior, self-serving attitude before any business will hire you, as it is not endearing to any prospective employer. Your wishing ill on people, and bitterness, will not endear you to people either.

Of course, you are only 19, and you think you know everything about every subject. You have a lot of growing up to do, and I hope you do it soon, otherwise, you will never have a job. I can guarantee that at this poist in time, you do not deserve a job more than the Wal-Mart employees.


I think you are a most miserable person is the problem. You don't like other people talking around you, or joking around or the intelligence to even know they are joking.

The reason you don't have a job is you don't want one but upset cause you don't have the money cause you have no job. AND your probably a democrat and think the world owes you a living!

aaahhhh....there...enough said!


lol how rude of you to get involved in their conversation, have you ever had a bad day or joked with a co-worker. at least we know anyone who works with you is not allowed to have fun or make comments that they want to go home.

Maybe the cashier did not feel well, or had something going on at home. None of your business what they say anyhow.


I still hope someone figures out how to trace cyber bullies and beat those cyber smirks right off their ignorant, self absorbed, faces. One day someone will......I can't wait!


Replying to several posters on here...

OP: Misery loves company. You're a miserable person and no one wants to employ you. I'm sorry, I really am, but before you can change other people's minds you must first change your own. You don't "deserve" a job. That's ridiculous. You are provided a job by someone who needs work done and is convinced that you are the person that they want to get it done. With an attitude like yours, don't be surprised if potential employers continue to pass you by.

"***": No one has to respect you because you're old. Age is not a requiem for respect; perhaps merit and accomplishment, but not age. Judging by your visceral attacks on others, I gather that you're old, alone, and your family doesn't care about you anymore. YOU can be the catalyst for change. You can be the one to break the cycle. Call them. Apologize...even if you don't mean it at first. Seize the opportunity to release your anger.

Wal-Mart: Have a nice day :)


your probably unemployed because your simply plain flat out crazy. who gets jealous over a job at walmart?


Btw did you even attempt to pick up a application while you were there??? :?


Sounds like you can't detect sarcasm too well. I've joked about things like this in my jobs before, even with customers.

I've had days where I'm tired, or irritated, doesn't mean I'm ungrateful for having a job. I don't think anybody loves retail anyway, they just do it to make money.


OK OP you said so yourself No Personal Attacks then why are you attacking other posters out here? because they called you out for being a Dummy yourself and FYI wishing somebody's child sick and bad things on other people is Considered a Personal Attack!


With an attitude like yours, you will never get a job.


Well then you need to quit attacking some of the kids on here then and I was just stating the facts that you had put out there besides bullying kids in person like you did to that Employees kids was uncalled for and wishing somebody to loose their job what type of person are you? Do you even have a heart?


I agree with you about the disrespect from the cashier. It was not polite from her.

Although if your expectations in life is only to have a job you better shut you mouth and leave other to still dreaming. I find inappropriate your attitude to reply verbally to those people.

That thing should have been done by their parents, but do you think that their parents has too much education????????? I DON'T THINK SO!


First of all the OP of this Complaint needs to learn to grow the *** up and 2nd I wouldn't help you either if I was off the clock there are plenty of other workers that are on the clock to help besides did you really think insulting her kids and her was going to do anything? Its really sad that you insulted the kids and said you hoped this starved Karma will come back to *** you in the *** and it looks like it already did since you Can't get a Job there.

Do the world a favor and grow up already.