Toronto, Ontario

There is this dumb cashier working for you by the name of Mandy. She really has horrible customer service skills. I had two bad experiences with her and both times the manager took her side.

First I was trying to price match broccoli with my wife. She asked me to show her the ad and I told her that she has no right to see the ad and she should price match it because I don't require and AD. My wife showed her the ad despite me telling her not to or else. After my wife showed her the AD this dummy still refused to price match. She said that the cut of broccoli was wrong. Broccoli is broccoli so I told her either she prices matches or I walk off it it and the store loses money. She still refused to price match. Not wanting to get in to trouble I asked her to cancel all my order($160) and walked out of the store with my wife without getting anything.

The second time I went to her register again. I bought three small chocolate bars. I told her I wanted a large bag for it. She put it in the small bag. I said I bought three items so she should put the item in a large bag. She refused and I had to take the bag myself and dumped out the chocolate bars from the smaller bag. This other lady told her she should call security and I as I was telling her to mind her own business I accidentally bumped into her son about 9 years old. The manager came. I told him in front of everyone that she should be fired because she does not know how to bag, and she took his side. I wanted to embarrass her in front of people because she does a terrible job.

Today this same employee was shopping in her store and I asked her if they had an item in stock. She said she did not know. I told her that she works here and she should know if they have the item in stock or not. She said she is a cashier and she does not know. I continued to tell her that she should know where things in her store is and she probably only got the job because she was having sexual relationships with the manager. She told me to leave her alone because this was her day off and she was shopping. I told her that does not matter, that she works here and whether she is working or if it is her day off she should be helping the customer. Then the manager came up to me and asked me to leave the store. I told him that I would not leave. I as just asking for help from an incompetient employee and maybe he should be telling her to do her job better. He then threatened to call the police on me because I was harassing his employees. I told him to learn some grammar because I was only harassing one employee and employees is plural form. He then called his plain clothes goons and told me that I was banned from the store and that if I stepped foot in his store he would have me charged with trespassing. I wanted to stay in the parking lot because I was not finished this discussion with the cashier and the plain clothes goons told me to leave the parking lot. I told them that the parking lot was not part of the store. They then told me that if I did not leave they would call the police.

This cashier should be fired and this is not over. I will make sure that that cashier loses her job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Get a hobby! I personally would have had you arrested.

Harassing an employee on her day off is outrageous! She is only required to assist you when she IS WORKING. As for the parking lot incident, the store means the property. If you had any business sense you would know that.

I pity your wife for having to deal with a *** like you.

get off your pedestal, nobody in this world owes you ***. Find something worthwhile to waste your energy on.


He's just mad because I am doing his wife.


Seriously "Anonymous" like I told you in the other post GROW UP!!! and act your age already.

John N

This is not a real complaint missive, just a fictional rant from someone who prefers to remain "anonymous." I can tell because no one could be that ***.