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Today, Nov.16,'16 @6:30 P.M, I went to Walmart located in

1400 S. Lamb Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89104. I tried 2 price match 20 pcs

of "GHIRARDELLI" .8 to 6 oz chocolate from Walgreens . The supervisor only want me to have 2 piece if I'll price match. When she didn't let me do this I asked her to call her manager. A woman name is LOANN, (Perhaps Hawain or Samoan) ages between 40 to 50 years old come up to me and said, " I can only let you price match 2 pc. of " GHIRARDELLI & 2 piece of LINDL LINDOR MILD CHOCOLATES." When I told her, " I was able to get 3 pcs about 4 days ago of the GHIRARDELLI and the cashier let me have 3 pcs without any problem. She replied, " I don't know why she let you but she shouldn't have done that b'coz there's a limit of how many can a customer buy. I told her, " I haven't heard about the limit policy of Walmart. I was just here on October 23 and was able to price match 15 pcs of Libbys corned beef from CVS. I then added " I can show you my receipt" as a proof if you don't believe me. But she give me this kind of tone of voice. A tone of voice that you only hear when someone has been judge already without knowing the facts. She said " NO! I DON'T NEED TO SEE THAT!"

Out of nowhere, an old american lady ages around 40's to 50's came out & told her," last month she came here to price match a corned beef from CVS that's 2 for $5-And when we didn't let her, she threaten us that if something happen to her she will sue us. She also told to the cashier that the cashier should pay for her items for making her wait and also told the graveyard manager ( I think JR is her name but she's asian) that she should get and paid for her UBER.

I then right away remember the lady who's in the store on October 23, 2016 when the incident on corned beef happen. And told her, " I didn't threaten your lives. The only thing I said that is true in your statement is about the UBER. But she keep persisting that I did and said all those things.''

Loann (assistant customer service manager) angrily told me that I cannot just come in the store and threaten the lives of her associates.

And again, I told her " I didn't threaten their lives. I just let the know that I have epilepsy and I'm letting them know before I past out because I been waiting for the corned beef for about 3 1/2 to 4 hours already. And everyone is busy because it was the delivery day. For me, it was just a simple statement that indicates what might happen because I don't wanna wake up in an ambulance just to find out this happens because of the 2 for $5 (five dollars) libys corned beef. I was gonna show her my bracelet that have my name tag on it that say's my condition, she heartless told me " I DON'T NEED TO SEE THAT!"

When I was taking a note of everyone's name for the record such as the name of the cashier, supervisor, etc. I lean over toward to the right to see the badge or name of the old lady who told her about the incident back in October 23, 2016, She blocked my way purposely. I then said, What's her name again? The woman in yellow vest? She sarcastically said in my face " YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW THE NAME OF MY ASSOCIATES" My name is Loann ( Pointing in her badge) and repeated her name 3 (three) times while still pointing in her badge. Just tell them that my name is Loann , Loann...Loann...If you have a problem tell them my name, Loann. And don't you threaten the lives of my associates. I angrily said, " If it's true that I threaten their lives back then why they didn't call a police on me?" I even told her to call a police on me on that point because out of nowhere she said, " are you threatening me?" What....the...***k?? I didn't tell her anything but to call a police on me.

Sadly, I go home empty handed. And as soon as I got to the car I called the WALMART DISTRICT MANAGER'S NUMBER ( 1 800 WALMART) and tell them about the most horrible experience where I even consider a nightmare that I get from WALMART. It made me cried over the phone because of the hatred treatment that I receive during this visit. This is the first time that I felt like someone is belittling and insulted me. It doesn't mean that you're a supervisor or a manager, that you're above everyone that you're life is more important that ours.

We're in America and everyone should be treated equal no matter what's your race, your color and where you came from. It was just too bad that I didn't get a video nor a record of our conversation as a proof. But if this is bound to happen again in the future, I know better....I don't even wanna put my foot in Walmart anymore. I'll just go to the store where people will treat me better with dignity and respect as a human being.

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