As I approached the jewerlery counter the worker let me know that she was busy and was trying to get caught up on her work before clocking out. She told me that I needed to take my watch to a jewler because she didn't have what I needed.

Yet she never stop to look. I couldn't believe she was in doubt and have so much knowledge before pushing me the side because of her personal wishes but Walmart allow that because low cost creates low wage and people. If u care about standard u won't shop at places were u think u can get a bargain.

As they say u get what u bargain for. Low grade customer service.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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Many employees have been working at Walmart long enough to know what they carry and what they do not carry. In that situation, she would have been wasting her time and your time if she had decided to go look.

Also, it's "racism," not "racisism."


You must be black to claim this was racism. The employee probably saw your watch and if they don't sell it they can't fix the battery. Why not go back to Africa with the other monkey's if you are going to cry racism every time things don't go the way you like them to.


Maybe your lack of intelligence is your problem.


To say that what happened to you at Walmart is racism is insulting to anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of ACTUAL racism.


Care to explain what unlined racisism is?

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