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I got to the register I had 10 items. The cashier was not friendly at all.

I didn't get treated like I was a valued customer at all. I would appreciate if someone can call me to discuss what happen in detail. My contact number is 678-396-0346 M-F. 1PM / 8PM I like to be treated with respect.

weather I am spending a dollar, or a hundred dollars, I expect to be valued and appreciated. Its a poor representation on the company when you have sales associate that are rude.

When I was a sales associate I made all of my customers feel valued and appreciated it was my trademark. My suggestions is to have a evaluation every three months with the sales associate to make sure that they are treating customers with the utmost respect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: Braindead management and cheap employees.

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You're not very bright, are you?


I bet you've gotten calls from all over from trolls everywhere by putting your personal information out on the internet. LOL you deserve it.


If you're unintelligent enough to put your personal info out on the web then we can't take any complaint as valid. Maybe stop thinking of yourself as a princess and join the rest of us humans in the dirt.

So because your transaction was speedy that means the clerk was rude? I'm sorry little snowflake but you ain't the only real person out there. Odds are YOU PERSONALLY pushed your way into that persons line as they were CLOSING! But people like you refuse to see your own actions as inappropriate and MUST blame someone else or admit that they are really just walking ***.

So do the shopping world a favor and just don't go to Walmart. Everyone will be happy to not have to wait behind your two pieces of fruit purchase with a coupon and counting it out in pennies.

YOU have to live with the social norm, it's does not have to live with you. Get over it and move on cause YOU really shouldn't be allowed out in public and should have your computer taken from you and prosecuted for attempting to harm the life, job, and reputation of another human being because you are a piece of it.


This is just a complaint site, you will want to call Walmart's corporate office and tell them what happened. And for goodness sake, don't put your phone number out on the Internet for all to see! You should know better.



Exactly how was the cashier not friendly?

Details would help.

Vague complaints like yours cannot be addressed.

Exactly how do you expect Walmart to address your complaint when it is vague?

You do realize that anyone reading the website now has your phone number and can call you... right?


I would like an apology from the sales associate who rushed me out of the store. her name was Deshante.