Chicago, Illinois

I was in a Walmart in Batavia, Il. I proceeded to put my items on the belt for check out.

I am waiting and waitng for the cashier (Michelle) to start scanning my products. She was texting on her cell phone. Finally I said "excuse me I am in kind of a hurry." She looked and me, held up her index finger to single wait a minute. I was furious.

Finally she finishes checking me out and before giving me my change went back to texting. i immediately went to the manager. He said I will talk to her. He never apologize for the terrible customer service.

Now here is the icing on the cake . I went to another Walmart a couple of days later and yep- the cashier a man was doing the same thing.

Since when can an employee at a retail store text or talk while checking out a consumer. I am done with Walmart

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I have seen signs at the CVS drive-thru as well as some fastfood drive-thrus, that state something to the effect of customers on their cellphones talking will not receive service until they finish their calls. Good move, I say!

As far as this story, the employee texting should be promptly fired. There is NO excuse for texting while working and I can't believe she was getting away with it.


Cell phones can help get that employee written up, I would have taken mine out and taken a picture of the employee texting while standing at her register and show it to the manager.

@walmart cashiers ***k

You are right but on another site (think two years ago) she admitted she only posted this to get her into trouble to get her fired.


shut up MsLea, fake ***


Kell, if a customer won't communicate because they are busy on their phone than what can an associate do?? Plus they are holding up the line and other customers.


yeah yeah, this is just as fake as MsLea's stories. maybe this is one of her stories.


*** off, maybe your a fat guy sitting in a chair posting rude comments on other peoples stories, i once went to walmart, they are lazy *** who ever mrs LEa is im sure she isnt lying, walmarts are *** holes :( :(


BRAVO ! Kell I was a Wal-mart manager for 7 years.

If I had ever caught any one of my (associates) texting or even carring there cell phones on the sales floor there would have been a (coaching) session. I am not sure where the manager on duty was trained but Sam would be rolling over.


I used to work in fast food, and it was really annoying when a customer was so busy yakking on a cell phone that he/she couldn't hear the amount of his purchase, and we had to hold things up to wait for the person to get done with the conversation.


But it's certainly ok for customers to do that to employees - talk on the phone during checkout, answer a phone call while an employee is trying to help the customer?

Hey - I have a text for you: ***


Yes, Bruce, it IS okay for a customer to take a call or text while checking out.

Something that you might not understand.....If someone is working behind a cash register, that person is at WORK, being paid to help CUSTOMERS.

If a customer is in a checkout line, that customer is on his or her own time. So, the customer is NOT there to serve you, bigbrucie, You are there to serve the customer. So, put your cellphone away, and serve that customer on that customer's terms, you ***.


Absolutely kell!! A customer can talk, text, while going through a customer service line.

THEY are not on the clock, being PAYED, like the EMPLOYEE!! That's why they call you EMPLOYEE BigBruce!!

@wendy in kona

I myself used to be a cashier and If a customer was yaking on the phone I would not check them out until they finished. As an employee i understand im getting paid, but it is very annoying to try to talk to someone who Isnt even interested in receiving good service.

Employees become *** when people like you expect us to be your little ***.