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My husband and I went to walmart in saddlebrook branch yesterday 9/8/18 at 6:30pm to return some of my baby gifts that was purchased doubled from my baby registry for my baby shower. I went to the customer service and the guy name was “SAVION”who help me was not really helpful at all and he doesn't know what he was doing.

first of all I explained it to him that it was a gift from my registry and i want to return it bcoz 2 of my friends had the same gift to me. He ask me right away for the receipt and i said i don’t have it because I’m not the one who purchased the items and it was a gift. I told him and show him a list of returns and order ID’s so it would be easier for him to check it and show him my baby registry in my phone. He said he needs the receipt so he can process the returns, i read online that an order # is good enough to return an item from my registry, he also said that it cant be return if it’s more than $100.

I said ok but my returns was only like $88 I think, I told him that i can return it as long as the item was purchased in my registry and the order ID # is there. So the other employee I think her name was “FIONA” helped him to do my returns so she told him to try the numbers at the packaging box which I already provided him at the first place, so he type it in. It was a high chair and a fisher dog toy. I thought he is going to check it only, but all of the sudden he just did himself without asking me that if I wanted a gift card or It needs to be put back to the purchaser credit card.

What made me upset was “SAVION” didn’t even ask me or give me my options. He just decided to do it right away on his own judgement and that judgement can’t be reversed. Because he put back the money to the person’s credit who bought the items as gift to me, without asking me if i want it in gift card. He just did it.

I’m so upset, very disappointed and very angry at the same time and he was blaming me for not telling him if I wanted a gift card. So now it’s my fault? Come on now! At first he said I can’t return the Items bcoz of no receipt.

He said that they can’t do anything because he already return the money to my friend’s credit card. It was my first time to return an item from a registry And i was hoping that money would help me to buy other stuff and stroller for my baby. I returned those items so I can buy a stroller yesterday but because of this happened i have to buy it in my own pocket. He was not apologetic he didnt even say sorry to me when he decided to process the returns without giving me an options.The other 2 lady with him as well blamed me that this happened that I didn’t tell him right away.

The Other employee name is FIONA and I forgot to get the other ladies’ name. Is that how your customer service employees should be? So i ask their manager and a lady went there and call walmart customer service she said she can’t do anything and she was telling and blaming me that i should tell savion in the first place that i want a gift card, the thing is he didn’t ask me at all. Kelly & David the other 2 managers showed up as well and talk to us and said they cannot do anything and he told me to ask the person who bought the gift to give me the money.

I was so upset i just waste my time talking and explaining to them. i told him savion doesn’t know what he was doing and shouldn’t be working there by the customer service. Kelly the manager said he knows what he is doing. Well if he knows what he was doing why would he tell me that the item i brought in cannot be return without receipt and why he never ask me or give me an option what to do to those return.

Walmart customer service is so unprofessional in this location SADDLEBROOK WALMART NJ the employees has a lot of attitudes and very fiesty especially those 2 girls who work with him in the customer service yesterday. managers were useless they’re more pro employees than customers satisfaction.

I need that money to buy for a stroller that day I’m giving birth in 2 weeks and now I have no stroller bcoz I didn’t get that refund money from the returns. I’m so upset!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Walmart does print gift recipes for baby showers and holidays. Maybe you should talk to your friends about that.

The guy was just doing his job. Not his fault you don’t know how returns work and that your have to buy a stroller with your own money, lord have mercy!


Paid by card refunded to card. Called a common practice.

Not the employees fault, that’s pretty much policy for any card purchase. You got ripped off by your misconceptions and over inflated expectations.


If someone bought you a gift that someone else already bought you and you have thoroughly explained that to the returns person youd expect to at least be asked for the money or a gift card too. Think before you speak next time.


No because that would violate the end user agreement with the card companies. You can expect all you like but they are not going to risk receiving their money from said card companies.

When they do a return it MUST go back on the card it was taken from. You don’t have to like it, it is what it is. If your gift giver used a credit card then it goes back on the credit card. You’re acting self entitled about a issue they have no control over.

If you haven’t worked doing returns in retail then you have no idea of all the rules and policies these companies and card companies have to follow. Your gift givers will receive a refund and they can choose to send you a gift card. What you are proposing is that a credit card purchase be fraudulently applied to a gift card and it’s not your money. The item was yours to own but it was purchased by someone else.

The moment you take it back and use the receipt they must use the return rules demanded by both the credit card companies and the federal government. If they chose to dismiss those rules they can be sued and no regular employee is going to have the power to override their own corporate policies. You are intentionally confusing property rights with refund rights. You are only a victim of your misconceptions.

Sorry but your wrong in your thought process. You are assuming that your right of possession gives you the right to a refund and the reality is that since YOU didn’t pay for it on YOUR credit card that YOU dont get the refund. Yes it kinda sucks but that is what YOU the consumer have caused it to be. How many times do you think someone else came and did this previous to you ever getting pregnant?

Why do you think they have such a restricted credit policy?

Because consumers such as yourself have done the exact same thing previously and someone got sued. New rules and policies are reactive.


It's called "on-the-job-training"!


Sorry that they did not explain the refund, but they are correct that it cannot be changed. Talk to the gift-giver.