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We have two Walmarts within 5 miles of my house. The only thing I find to be consistent about these two stores is the cashiers who are unfamiliar with Walmart policies, the cashiers who have obviously never received any training on appropriate bagging of groceries and the managers who are unfamiliar with current national advertising.

Sadly, I have had managers in both stores argue, as in yelling, that Walmart was not price matching other stores in our area. At that time, Walmart was running a national television ad regarding this. I even pulled up the ad as proof at the Bangor store. That manager told me that was not a Walmart ad, that I had fabricated it using real ads.

Yeah, she said that! As for your cashiers, training regarding your coupon policy would be great. I keep your policy on my tablet so I can show them when they tell me I am trying to rip off Walmart. The bagging issue?

Would you eat grapes that were bagged with raw chicken? Would you argue with a customer who asks you to please not place raw meat with ready to eat foods as to what constitutes raw meat?

Apparently, bacon and sausage are cooked before packaging therefore ok to bag with lettuce... Target gets my business now to the tune of about $800 a month.

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I have tied to buy from the new supercenter (I just cann;t yogurt out of date, meats out of date, fruits rotten) I have wasted my time trying to tell managers and go back a month later and still the same exact issues. called the 1800 number even got a call back (nothing). not sure who buys the out of date products but I will not.