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I work near tha Gardendale,Al store & shop there almost every night. I have had other issues before, but nothing compared to this!

For weeks now, Walmart has been advertizing everywhere that they cash income tax return checks. When I got my taxes done, they even told me to go there, so I went to my usual store to do it. The line was very long so I had to stand there for over a half hour. When I finally made it to the front, I then had to wait while the only employee working that area counted several thousand dollars that had just been brought to her by a manager so that she could continue cashing checks.

I gave her my check for around $5,000 and she then informed me that they were no longer cashing checks that were "that large," that day. Of course this made me upset after waiting all that time. I quietly left the counter and asked an employee to please get me a manager. After standing there for quite some time, a tall african-american man named Darian walked up to me and informed me that he was a manager.

I told him what had happened and asked him if he would at least put up a sign saying they couldn't cash checks over a certain amount, as I pointed at the long line of people waiting to be told the same thing I was. He immediately got an attitude and refused to even consider my suggestion about the sign. I told him that I felt like he was being unprofessional and he said he didn't care what I thought. He then began using profanity and said to me "If you want to cash your (profanity) check go to a (profanity) bank!" My mother and spouse were standing there too, because we were planning on buying a computer after I cashed my check.

They were just as amazed and disgusted as I was that an employee acted this way, much less a manager! We turned and began walking out quietly, still in shock, only to realize that he was following us out. My mother started to become frightened because of the abrasive way he had already acted inside, & now he seemed to be following us to our vehicle. Finally fed up, I turned around abruptly & asked him what he thought he was doing.

He turned around then, & went back inside the store. Naturally, I've called customer service 3 times since then. Every time I was told that someone would contact me within a few days. I have yet to hear from anyone.

Aparently walmart is not interested in how their customers feel about their store and their employees. I will not be spending my money there anymore. Target is much better, has the same products, at around the same value.

The stores are always clean and well stocked & the employees are friendly & helpful. Walmart should take a lesson from them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashing.

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Also Target does not hire blacks. I think I will shop there, safer there anyway.

That store has a lot of blacks. Racist hires his own type and not people willing to work nor who have the skills to work.


The point is he should be fired. Blacks don't make good managers.

He got angry at me and defensive just because I called him a monkey and ***. That is unprofessionan and just shows how unprofessional blacks are. Then if you don't give them a job they accuse you of racism. My comment may have been uncalled for but after waiting an hour in line and being told that I could not cash my check I was very angry.

Now that I cooled down for a while I realised that I was wrong, but he still acted unprofessional. My mother thought that this manager was going to rape her. WE live in a town where blacks commit crimes.

It has been six weeks and that monkey still works there. He should be out playing basketball.


Target owns Wal-mart