45415 Dulles Crossing Plaza, Sterling, VA 20166, USA
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Self checkout machine tried to charge me $2.50 for one granny smith apple worth maybe $.75 cents and triple the normal for some bananas. While I waited 15 minutes for the 19 year old miserable manager (who didn't acknowledge my presence), the South Asian clerk never shut down the self checkout machine.

Constant empty shelves. Yesterday they had NO sewwt onions. Stock clerk walked out of stock room at a snails pace with one little box of yellow onion and literally tossed the bags them into the bins.

Go back 3 weeks in a row and 2 items I want are out of stock.

Self checkout line is always long.

All clerks speak foreign language and have no idea what you ask them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: Price if they have what you want.

Walmart Cons: Empty shelves, Customer service is terrible, Three weeks in a row two items i needed were out of stock, Prices are not clear or missing half the time, Plastic bags break.

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If the store is really as bad as you say it is you wouldn't keep going back. Sounds like someone complaining just to complain.


Maybe you should just shop elsewhere and save your self the headache.


Why is it relevant to post this... the South Asian clerk never shut down the self checkout machine when All you had to post is the clerk never shut down the self checkout machine?


I have had similar problems at wal-mart. If you have any kind of produce, you are much better of checking out through a regular line.

They often ring up the wrong price and you have to wait a real long time to get anybody to help you. Where are those wal-mart employees who watch you to make sure that you aren't stealing from the self help lane when you need them?