Last Friday March 12, at the Manville, New Jersey Walmart store, at 415pm, I , a customer noticed that the employee, Lamont (first name) who sat in a chair behind a table of CDC wipes for customers wore his VDC guideline mask below his chin (not even covering any of his face) in the lobby area between the front doors and store floor. When I, a customer, was walking through this lobby area and asked him to fix his mask, he verbally responded loud enough that some store cashiers at their registers and the Front End Manager heard him say loudly to me, a customer that he didn't have to cover his face at all with his mask it I stood 6 feet from his chair.

When I said, by CDC rules, you do have to wear your mask properly.

He responded 3times saying that I was not his boss, so he didn't have to listen to me. When I reported him and his unprofessional conversation with the Front End Manager, the Front End Manager said that he also heard the conversation, that he would tell Lamont's Supervisor of Lamont's conversation with me, and advised that I inform the Walmart corporate office.

User's recommendation: Report unprofessional employees to Store Managers.

Location: Hillsborough Township, New Jersey

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