Spring Valley, Nevada
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I was shopping in your Forte Apache, Tropicana store on 12/29/2015 and I couldn't believe 4 different people pushing carts with dogs in them. I was outraged that this is allowed !!

The same carts that we put groceries in !! Being used as dog carriers !! Very unsanitary !! I will never buy groceries at your store !!

I know there has to be some sort of health laws on this. I am not an animal hater just complaining !! I have a dog that I simply adore but I would never take her to the grocery store !! Very turned off by the thought of a loaf of bread or lunch meat or any food being placed in a cart that a dog has slobbered in.

Walmart not the company it use to be. Looking for a better place to shop.

Reason of review: Unsanitary !! .

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Did you ever think that they maybe service dogs which are allowed by federal law to be there.