Indianapolis, Indiana
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Walmart Supercenter

10617 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN

The Clear Plastic Food Service Gloves are to protect the food from contamination but for some unknown reason the Deli workers seem to think that the "Gloves" are to protect themselves from getting dirty. If you watch them for any length of time, you will see them sweep floors ,move boxes, open doors, pick up trash, wipe down countrers and then grab sliced Meat and Cheese out of the Deli case all while wearing the same pair of gloves. When I asked about this, I was told. "They don't want us wasting gloves." Needless to say, I didn't buy the meat.

I'd call the health dept. , If I thought they would do something about it.


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Lets assume that the person behind the deli doesn't wants anyone to get sick. Perhaps you witness a lack of proper training and/or a lack reinforcement of food handling policy/procedures.

You should take the time stamp make the report to the store manager & DOH and let them view the camera footage.

There is footage. ;)


that is disgusting.. but I wouldn't say that's the case for all stores, whether they're Walmart or not. don't judge a company by one store.


I work at walmart in the deli, there is no reason why they should not change gloves. I usually wear two pairs so that I can switch between selling cold meat and hot foods quickly. And gloves are to be taken off when not handling food and hands are to be washed before putting gloves back on.


yes, call the health department, they are obligated to inspect the business by law, if they dont and someone gets sick they can be sued for being complacent. gloves should only be used on prepared food, once the switch to another type of food is made such as food to be cooked the gloves must be changed out.