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Update by user May 23, 2016

The Walmart Corporate Office has yet to contact me about my complaint of being charged "extra" undisclosed taxes on taxable items in response to all my Walmart to Go Grocery Home Delivery Orders. After contacting the local Walmart to Go Grocery Home Delivery Customer Service 6 Times, I was told someone from the Walmart Corporate Office would contact me to no avail as I have yet to be contacted by anyone from the Walmart Corporate Office.

Original review posted by user May 22, 2016

My issue of those undisclosed "extra taxes" charged on all my Walmart To Go Grocery Home Deliveries has not been addressed or investigated. I have made SIX attempts with the Denver Walmart To Go Grocery Home Delivery phone customer personnel to no avail. I was told ALL SIX TIMES that a management personnel from the Corporate Office in Arkansas who supposedly set the taxes will return my call. There has been no attempt to contact me by anyone from the Walmart Corporate office that leads me to believe that Walmart KNOWS they are cheating customers by overcharging extra taxes to customers on Walmart To Go Grocery Home Delivery. So my next step is the Better Business Bureau. I will also post my Walmart To Go Grocery Home Delivery complaint on as many sites as possible except for marked my comments and complaints on this particular complaint as "not recommended." So on the website the only way to view this complaint is to click on the "not recommended" tab. I am a 62 year old lady that has had many comments and issues posted on line and have NEVER had any of my complaints deemed as "not recommended" and all have been deemed appropriate by the website monitors. So, I will never use the website again as others have complained about them as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue & Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Produce and customer servixe, Adding extra undisclosed taxes.

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Is there another update to this post of yours?

Did the BBB convince Walmart to compensate you regarding the undisclosed taxes?


Are peace4earth and KT the same poster?


From what I understand regarding the BBB is that the agency cannot force or make any business do anything. The BBB can contact the business regarding the complaint, but it is up to the business whether or not they want to do anything regarding the complaint.

The BBB is not a legal entity, and so no, there is nothing legally they can do about any complaint.


Be careful anyone that tells her she is wrong she assumes works for the company. She has the nerve to call herself intelligent.


Thank you for the info. I know that the BBB cannot force or make a company do anything.

However, I have used the BBB concerning another company and I did get my $99 back from that company as well as an apology.

Sometimes companies will voluntarily settle a dispute in the customers favor to avoid negative reviews. Thanks again for the comment.


I am not a scammer or a child and I do not lie. I just thought that the way the question was posed was so rude and could have been stated in a polite way instead of asking "What do you expect the BBB to do?" I am an intelligent 62 year old lady and this is a valid and true complaint. Your statement was just so rude.


You seem to have a sensitive opinion of what is rude. I just read the comment you are referring to,and I didn't think it rude, I thought of it as a valid question.

The BBB can investigate this and give the company a low rating, but they cannot make the company do anything, so the question asked of you is valid; what do you expect them to do?

Not everyone is attacking you, so there is no need to come at every question or comment so defensively. Also, how is anyone that just came across this one complaint supposed to know it is part of a four part series?

That's not usually how people on this site to things, so expecting the readers to know there was more to this story is pretty unrealistic. I really understand why no one that you have talked to so far would want to help you since you seem like a difficult person to speak with, no matter how intelligent you are, or how valid your complaint, no one wants to help a rude person.


And the BBB is a not for profit organization. Basically it is an organization that deals with complaints.

Any business is not obligated to do what the BBB asks of them. It is their choice as to what they want to do.


Wal-Mart charges extra for the food delivery service, it's like a delivery fee from what I understand. If u don't want to pay it don't use the service.


You misread or misunderstood my blog. I was not talking about the delivery fee.

Read ALL my blogs on this issue. I am always happy to pay the delivery fee. I was only referring to the TAXABLE items on my Grocery Home Delivery order. For example, on my last order I was told by the local Walmart Grocery to go phone customer service personnel that I only had ONE taxable item of $1.98 and the tax charged on that $1.98 was 72 cents.

The tax should have been 7.78% on $1.98 that equals 15 cents. I always knew there was a delivery fee so that was never the issue.



Not quite sure, since the home delivery service is new, but it could be a luxury tax sort of like you would pay a hotel or amusement park. It probably falls under the 'convenience' tab of your local government. The company has to pay it, just like sales tax, so they pass the charge to the customer.


So far this is all I have found on the about the taxes.

All prices quoted are exclusive of tax and you will see estimated taxes and fees when you place the order. The final taxes and fees will be calculated on the day your order is picked and delivered.


To LadyScot.....You actually could be right about that "convenience" tab of the local government. I just thought it was strange that nobody I spoke with at the Denver Walmart to Go Home Grocery Delivery Service seems to be able to explain it to me.

I have used Instacart Home Grocery Delivery Service as well as King Soopers Home Grocery Delivery Service and was only charged the standard 7.78% tax on taxable items. What made me question the tax is that the local Walmart to go Home Grocery Delivery Phone Rep told me that Walmart charges these extra taxes in their stores as well. I know that is not true as I have shopped at several local Walmarts in person and have never been charged those extra taxes. She also stated that the Corp Off.

sets those extra taxes. The taxes very well could be legal so I do not understand why someone from their Corporate Office will not speak to me as the phone receptionist at the Corp. Off. refused to connect me to a Corp.

Manager and stated the Corp Off does not set any taxes. I guess after I file with the Denver Attorney General's Office, I will find out some facts about these extra taxes.

All I want is an explanation. Thank you so much for your comment.


The fact that no one was able to answer about the taxes is not unusual in itself. If you call my store and as any of us what the taxes are and why one item has tax and another does not we are not going to know.

That is up to the legal department in charge of setting the register tabs.

I am still trying to find out if there is a luxury tax but so far have not been successful. I will tell you with WM being closely watched by darn near every lawyer waiting to make a name for himself, they are not going to charge you an illegal fee and call it a tax.



Exactly what do you expect the Better Business Bureau to do about this problem?


Are you a Walmart Manager? It seems as though you are questioning the validity of my legitimate complaint.

The purpose of The BBB is to investigate and attempt to solve unfair business practices.

I was successful in recovering $99 from another business only AFTER the BBB interceded.



Not a Walmart employee.

Do not want to be a manager at any business either.

And where did you get that idea?