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Update by user Jun 01, 2016

My issue concerning Walmart To Go Home Grocery Delivery charging extra taxes for taxable items has not been resolved yet. As I mentioned in previous updates that I am more than happy to pay the delivery fee as the fee is not a tax.

Paying 72cents tax for a $1.98 taxable item is ridiculous. I called the local Denver Walmart Grocery Delivery at 1-800-924-9206 for a 7th time asking why the Walmart Corporate Office has not called me pack and the phone reps response was she did not know. This Walmart phone rep proceeded again to explain how the corporate office sets the "extra" taxes. So, I called the Walmart Corporate Office myself from my cellphone as I do not have Long Distance service on my LL phone.

This was a wasted call as the Walmart Corporate Office phone representative refused to let me speak to a Manager and also said that a Manager does not call customers back. This same Walmart Phone Rep also explained that the Corporate Office does not have anything to do with the Walmart to Go Home Grocery Delivery and does not set any taxes. She was rude and again stipulated that a Walmart Manager has nothing to do with this issue as the Denver Office and not the Corporate Office sets any taxes. I then called the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) where I reached a very nice male agent who indeed took my complaint that will be investigated and he also referred me to the Denver Colorado Attorney Generals Office(DCAGO) where I spoke to a very nice lady agent there as well.

I chose not to file online so DCAGO is mailing me all the information they need for this complaint that I will also file via 1st class mail with the BBB as well. Something is suspicious as I do not know what to believe since the Walmart Corporate Office Management Customer Service refuses to let me speak to a Corporate Manager and insists the Walmart Corporate Office does not set any taxes or has anything to do with the Denver Walmart to go Grocery Home Delivery.

Yet the Walmart to go Grocery Home Delivery keeps insisting that the Corp Off sets the taxes. I will pursue this matter until I get an answer.

Update by user May 02, 2016

Walmart Customer Service Phone # for this issue is Phone(800) 924- 9206 Mon - Sun 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

central (Mon 1:51 pm) King Soopers (KS) does have a standard 9.95 or 9.99 delivery charge although the first delivery is free. At least KS will honor manufacturers and store coupons as well as the KS online digital coupons with my KS rewards card.

Original review posted by user May 01, 2016

This is an update on my Denver, Colorado Apr 22, 2016 online complaint concerning the so-called "undisclosed extra taxes" on all my Walmart Grocery Home Delivery Orders. Since no Manager or Supervisor returned my call within 4 Days I called them back.

A female Supervisor or Manager from the Denver Walmart Home Grocery Delivery Division finally returned my call within 2 hours. What a wasted conversation as this female Manager or Supervisor had no real understanding of anything and just repeated what the first phone customer service told me even after I explained to her that home grocery delivery customers are not supposed to be charged "extra" undisclosed taxes. The only taxes that customers should be charged is whatever the taxable items are on the customers order. This female Supervisor had no explanation or reason for the sneaky extra "undisclosed" taxes.

I was getting exhausted explaining myself over and over to no avail after I repeatedly told her that Walmart is cheating customers. I then told her that customers are only charged sales tax on taxable items in the Walmart stores. She told me I was wrong that customers that shop in the stores are charged those "extra taxes" in addition to the regular tax on taxable items in the stores as well. I explained to her that she is wrong as I have personally shopped at many Walmart Stores in Lakewood and Denver CO over the past several years and online at as well and was always charged only the regulated required taxes on taxable items and NEVER CHARGED THOSE "so called extra taxes" in any Walmart store.

She constantly put me on hold and came back repeating herself about the "extra" taxes in addition to the regular taxes on taxable items is just "the way their system is set up." She said she would check into this and call me back and that was several days ago and still no call back. So now I am trying to determine what city, state or federal government I should report this to as I give up on the Walmart so-called "Supervisors and/or Managers" who are not that smart to understand or offer an explanation to my inquiry about the "extra undisclosed taxes" on the Walmart Home Delivery Service in Denver, Colorado. I do not encourage anyone to use this Walmart Home Grocery Delivery Service unless you do not mind paying the "extra undisclosed taxes" in addition to the regular taxable items and the delivery fee.

In conclusion, all Walmart Grocery Home Delivery is supposed to charge is the required regulated county tax on taxable items as customers pay at any grocery store on taxable items plus whatever the delivery fee that is required.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Pros: Delivery drivers are nice, Ph cust srv will issue refund for wrg items delivered.

Walmart Cons: Extra undisclosed taxes, Mgrs are not well-versed on tax issues, Mgrs are nt trained on home delivery tax issues, Mgrs rarely return calls, Mgrs do not really investigate issues, Managers and supervisors poorly trained on taxing issues, Mgrs and supervisors refuse to respond to valid complaints, No one at grocery home delivery is familiar with taxing issues.

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Walmart has no right and it is illegal to charge "extra taxes" as this is managed by the state where you made the purchase.

You need to contact the State Attorney General's office with a complaint. They will handle getting you resolution.


Perhaps you should complain to Corporate Headquarters instead.


Thank you for that suggestion as that is my next step. I will go to a Government agency if I do not get a successful resolution from the Walmart Corporate Office. Walmart does have a history of "ignoring" serious customer complaints.