Paisley, Florida
Not resolved

As of 12/23 evening there is still no tracking or estimated arrival time. Status changed last night to shipped but I doubt it.

Refer to yesterday's post about Walmart guarantee worthless for other information. This morning I was emailed that the shipment was delayed less than 12 hours after they had changed my status to shipped.

Now the status says my tv should have been delivered by the 22nd but there is still no tracking info. In other words I believe that my tv was not really shipped.

I will never go to Walmart's Black Friday sale again.They do not honor their commitment ,only BS to get your money.

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I received the same email with the $10 gift card but my email also said that if it was a Christmas gift that I could go into the store and they would do their best to accommodate me. I did this and was offered a 32"Vizio 1080 resolution smart tv.

I was thrilled with this replacement. A woman in line behind me was offered a 32" Spectre with built in DvD player.

it seemed like our Walmart was going their best to make sure customers received a better alternate.... mine was definitely worth it.



Same here. I was guaranteed a 32" Funai T.V by DEC 22.

Status went from processing to shipped yesterday. Received an email this morning apologizing that I would not be delivered before Christmas. This will be the last time I spend 2 hours waiting in line on Thanksgiving for a "guaranteed" item. This will totally ruin Christmas.

Thanks a lot Wal-Mart.


They did offer me a $10 gift card as a way of apologizing. I don't really want $10 in store credit I want my *** T.V before Christmas morning.


Have you gone into the location to see if it is there??????


I know I have had friends who have gotten a different brand 32" if it wasn't in the store yet... and that was a few days ago. But I guess these guys haven't gone yet to check


So they replaced your TV may I ask what the problem was?