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I went to get a picture scanned and I was told that it couldn't be done because the picture was a porfectional picture and it couldnt be done so i had to go somewhere else unforuately i didnt get it done.I went back to Walmart and to see again and this nice man helped me out and of course i got it done so i guess this women was wrong and she just didnt want to do it because she was helping someone else at the time now i know i can do it.  Thanks

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe she was helping another person at the time. But an adult waits her turn before asking for help.


Well I was in a hurry, I started would have to start work in twenty minutes so while an adult should wait her turn you don't know why I interrupted. I needed to get the picture scanned fast.

This is not the only place that said it was illegal since the picture was professional.

The second place I went to said the same thing. You are not me, you did not know the urgency that I needed to be helped first even though she was helping someone else so shut up.


Your poor planning is not their emergency. When I am the customer being help I do not care how big a hurry you are in.

It is MY turn, so YOU can wait YOUR turn or you can leave and come back when you are not in a hurry. People like you are why people who work retail are so miserable.