Fort Myers, Florida
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Went to Walfart last night and bought a Canon Scanner, only to find out that the USB Cable wasn't in the box. The next morning I called them up only to have a foreign person in the electronics department to tell me to box up everything and bring it all back.

Why couldn't I just bring my receipt in? Why should I be inconvenienced? It took me almost a half an hour to unpack the darn thing, pulling off all those orange tapes, I drove 30 minutes to the Walfart, and they expected me to do that 3 times because of something they did wrong? Rather than go through all the trouble they tried to send me through, I decided to just go to Big Lots to buy a USB Cord.

It cost me $5.30.

Much less of a hassle to deal with the lousy customer service reps there with the nasty attitudes, as well as the foreigners that I can barely understand, also, incompetent Managers with an attitude as well. Walfart sucks!

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He said walfart


Also, did you check what was meant to be in the contents of the box? A lot of items like that no longer include a USB cable in the package.


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