Herrin, Illinois

http://help.walmart.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/20 />

This will take you to the correct working link, I did it, no issues at all, already recieved my shipping confirmation number. I had the card for the Ipad with the $75 walmart card.

I spoke with customer service while doing it, she said I was the first perosn since 8 am do get it to work and I think it was that I found the correct website.

I hope this helps people out, I was crazy mad too thinking that Wal-Mart had screwed me over. Good Luck and happy shopping!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $475.

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So on black friday instead of ordering Need for Speed Most Wanted for the PS3 at Gamestop or any other place that had it for $25 on sale with free shipping, LIke and *** I ordered it at Walmart. I wait and wait to get an email that says they have cancelled my order because they didn't get them in stock within 10 days of my order.

So I emailed them asking them if they can give me a rain check for the same price with free shipping so I don't miss out on the deal that I got... they said no. They won't do anything to make this right. So now what do I do?

Pay a *** ton more? I could have just went somewhere else for this... and saved myself the headache... and money!!!

I hate walmart and hope they lose a lot of customers for the *** they are pulling.... What the *** ever happened to customer service???

They don't give a *** well thanks Walmart. Merry *** Christmas!


i got a emerson 32 tv on thurday night that they had for$ 148.00