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I went to Walmart in Owings Mills, MD on 02/12/2011 to take my mother (75 years old) shopping for Valentines day. She wanted a coffee maker.

I purchased her the Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91 coffee maker for 79.99. I live in Flat Bush New York and I am a frequent Walmart shopper. The coffee maker that was purchased was open by my mother on 2/13/2011.

She immediately called me to explain to me that the coffee maker was not brand new and that it had been used already. She explained that there was dried coffee all over the machine and the box. I was disgusted and alarmed at her findings. I immediately called the store in Owings Mills and asked for a manager.

I spoke with Tina (she stated that she was an assistant manager.) I explained the situation to her and let her know that I lived in New York, that my mother was elderly, and that she was not able to drive. I asked that they mail her a box to return the coffee maker or something to assist her in getting her a new coffee maker. She told me that all that she could do is give her an exchange if she brings it in and presents her receipt. I explained that she was unable to drive and that I would have to drive back from New York to take her to that store or pay for a cab to take her.

She responded with "that was all that I can do". I explained that I would be returning to the store before end of day today ( a 3-hour one way trip because Walmart sold me a returned/used Coffee Maker.) She then told me that she would be getting off at 8pm and that another manager will be there by the name of Eric. I am livid about this whole situation. My time, money and well-being is not a concern for this company.

Walmart has just lost a very dedicated customer and family for life. I will also be telling all of my family and friends about this incident so that they are aware of level of dedication that Walmart puts in their lack of customer service, thoroughness, and ability to execute a well thought out logistic plan.

Monetary Loss: $89.

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they did not honor the warranty on my coffee maker purchase. gave me a very hard time. I will never buy anything like that from them again.



please bring me a box, so i can return it!

the wise thing you had to do was to open it and verify it BEFORE you leave your mother!


I do not work with Wal-Mart (nor have I ever), but I am aware of in-store return policies. Just because you, or someone you know, is unable to get to the store for a return, that doesn't make the store then responsible for bringing the return to you. I think the word "RETURN" has something to do with the idea of physically bringing you and your item back to the store. :P Unfortunately, bad condition returns like this do happen, and while it is gross and annoying, you can't expect a person to just drop everything they're already doing, go OUT OF THEIR WAY to mail you a box and stay later than their shift is scheduled....just so you can return a coffee pot. Honestly, put yourself in the Wal-Mart employee's absurd would this request sound coming from a stranger? I don't mean to come off rude or uncaring, but just because they're employed at a company doesn't mean they need to personally bend over backwards for you. It just doesn't work that way.

And while the employee who took the coffee pot back as a return didn't do their job properly by checking it, I am more inclined to blame the customer who brought it back in such a condition. I know from retail experience that most of the time when merchandise is gunked up or broken, it's because of the customer who originally bought it new and returned it soiled - and the company is blamed for the laziness and inconsideration of someone else's mess.

Also, if you live so far away, and you're mother is unable to drive, it would be wise to always check what you have purchased (whether to make sure it rang up the right price, it's in bad condition, or you forgot to pick something else up) and save yourself the trouble and extra trip next time.


Vada, get your head out of your *** "Most" companies do NOT have special return/exchange policies in place for elderly/disabled/insane/ignorant customers.


It's pretty clear the coffee machine was previously returned and made to look as if it was unopened. It was a mistake by the employee not to check it, I'm not denying that at all. However, I stand by my original opinion that the poster's reaction to this is way overblown. This does happen once in a while at EVERY store. Asking them to mail a box to return the item is borderline absurd.

Return policies are what they are. They aren't different for elderly, disabled, etc., and they certainly aren't based on your distance to the store. Everyone abides by the same procedures.

Thank you for the employment accusation. That's the 4th one I've gotten this week and the second for Wal-Mart. Why is it that if I try to explain a store's point of view or find fault with the poster's own actions, I MUST work at the store? Really? Can't I just have a different point of view? If you disagree with an action the government takes, does that mean you work for the Communists? You should really grow up Vada.


Do you work for Walmart or something Simon? Who puts an obviously used return back on the shelves and then expects the customer to make a SIX HOUR long round trip to return it.

Very few.

Most companies have procedures in place to assist their elderly/disabled customers ... obviously walmart does not.


Asking them to mail a box for a return was an odd request. That is not how returns are made for items that were bought in a store. The store made a mistake in putting a used coffee maker on the shelf, but you still have to follow the same return policies as the rest of us. I'm surprised you didn't ask the manager to pick up the coffee maker at your mother's house and bring her a new one.

You were "a very dedicated customer"? Now, you won't shop there and tell your family not to shop there because of this one incident? What is your definition of dedicated?

I really think you are being a pretty big baby about this. A mistake was made and they were willing to exchange the item. You are being stubborn, immature, and difficult.