Orlando, Florida
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I bought an Omron Blood Pressure kit from Walmart while on holidays in the USA only to noticed when the product had been open back home in Trinidad and Tobago it's used/defective. The handcuff showed several signs of discolouration and gave off a bad odour.

Also when we tried it the item isn't working properly. Seems that a customer returned this which was placed right back on the shelf.

Tried to contact Walmart many times but no response. This just topped off the situation with poor customer service.

Reason of review: Used and defective item.

Monetary Loss: $77.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hang on. You claim you noticed it was used, and smelled bad, BUT you tried to use it anyway?

And you contacted them instead of taking it back for a refund? I don't know who is crazier.


Read the post carefully.... It said while on holidays...

Would you travel quarter way round the world to return a $77 dollar item? Seems like your the crazy one.... Further to that when we opened the package which had an original Omron seal wouldn't you think it's new even give the discolouration and odor?

Non the less that's the conclusion we came too so we contacted Walmart with no response after a month.... Let me guess your working there and just trying to justify cap like this....


Third to last world should read ***


Third to last word should read ***