North Tonawanda, New York
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I went store got thing I wanted had to use self checkout 1 item came up needed approval which was fuel injector cleaner for my truck. The older person ask for my ID I am 46 years old really I told her I said way over 18 she said still need it I told no Its in my truck .

She said I needed to have it on me.... well she not my mother!!!!!! I worked retail that's not how you treat your customers she finely approved it!!!!!!

I am 46 year old if I am ask for my ID I will leave items there and never shop at that store again!!!!!!!!!!! Really this how you treat your customers

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Right you are 46 years old I doubt this based on the fact that you have terrible spelling and grammar. Also could it be they thought you looked old due to *** abuse, come on a 10 year old *** user can look 46. Your behavior must have made them believe you were a big and tall ten year old.


It is weird that they would ask for id for this, but you SHOULD keep your id with you at all times. What if you had a medical emergency?

They would not be able to identify you without a photo id. It's the safe thing to do.


you're low for shopping there.


Why would someone need a license to buy fuel injector cleaner?


because of people that huff teens do alot