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I called WalMart/Mastercard customer service #, was told I had been chosen to receive a $100 gift card and to either press 1 or hang up. I thought that was a little strange, but thinking I was connected to a Mastercard rep, I pressed 1 & was connected to these crooks.

THROUGH MASTERCARD'S CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER!!! I don't know how they were able to to pull that one off. I told him I was calling to pay off and close my account. He said he would help me with that after explaining the offer to me.

AGAIN - MADE ME THINK I WAS SPEAKING TO A MASTERCARD REP. Thinking it was a legitimate offer (because, clearly, I WAS born yesterday), I said "ok" and gave them my credit card information in order to receive at $100 gift card with only a $4.95 fee. THEN, the whole spiel about "sending me a value pass, cancel if I decide I don't want it....etc., etc., etc." happened. That's when I said - "No.

Don't want it." He wanted to argue with me, so I asked for a supervisor - then the supervisor argued with me and told me it was too late to change anything, and that my credit card would be charged. I continued to state that I did not want the stuff, he continued to argue, then transferred me to his manager....who wanted to argue with me. I hung up on him. He CALLED ME BACK (thankfully I was not on my cell or home phone) and told me that hanging up would not do any good, that I had agreed to the service, he had it recorded, that I knew it was a promotion, and that "as an American, you surely know what a promotion is" (!!!!!!!), and that if I didn't get the confirmation number from him, I would not be able to communicate my wish to cancel the "service", and I would be sorry because my credit card would be charged 24.95/month forever.

I stated that I was going to cancel my credit card, and he said, "try it Miss, and you will be talking to the authorities about non-payment." He said he was going to transfer me to the "verification" line and I needed to state my name, credit card number (twice), and the address where I wanted the gift card sent. After being transferred, I gave the name "John Doe", and a person came on the line asking for my name again. I repeated "John Doe" and said I just looked your "company" up on the internet, and this is nothing but a scam, and I was dumb enough to fall for it. He said, "This is not a scam, and you agreed to pay." I hung up.

No call back. Then I immediately dialed the Mastercard customer service number again, got through to their Fraud division, related the problem, and cancelled my credit card.

I truly don't know how these people sleep at night. I have always been told that if "something is too good to be true", it's probably too good to be true, and am pissed off at myself for falling for this ***.

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