Kearney, Nebraska
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I have been shopping at Walmart mainly because of the convenience. You had a big selection of items to choose from.

I could get everything I needed at one place. You are now giving the consumer less & less to choose from. Now I find out you don't want print magazines in your store. You are no longer a one stop for me.

I have to go all over town to get everything I need. Your tire department sucks, Your variety sucks, Your customer service is minimal, now I can't even get my Thrifty Nickel & kids magazine in your store.

I know I am one fish in your pond, however why are you limiting the communities reasons for shopping at Walmart? I am a full time working mom & I don't have time to drive all over town for everything I need.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Many stores are greatly reducing the number of magazines they carry, except for those prominently displayed at the checkout counters. The reason is simple: magazine prices have skyrocketed and sales have thus necessarily plummeted.

Most magazines are not doing well.

There is not much profit in magazines anyway and the space can be used for other, more profitable items. WalMart is really not a good store to shop at anyway---unless you like unwashed, disreputable-looking an rude employees.