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tried to return 3 bras back to Walmart (I didn’t have time to try them on).

They said I couldn’t because they are called underware.

Excuse me, I totally get no returns on ‘underwear’ that is in contact with vagina’s. But what difference are garments having contact with feet(socks) smelly armpits ( tee shirts) etc. But bras? You have got to be kidding!!

I was totally unaware of this ridiculous rule, apparently the cashiers weren’t either otherwise they would have warned me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Hi, it’s me again............can you explain to me what the difference is if I had of had time to try the bra’s on in the store, as opposed to taking them home to try on? They would still have had contact with my body BUT the product would have been returned to the shelf!! (Double standards) Incidentally the manager assured me that my inquiries regarding returning of hats, tee shirts AND socks was totally acceptable


I agree with you 100%. I go commando and when I try on Jeans in the stores, I put them back onto the rack after I have tried them on while not wearing any "Undercare".


But they let you return jeans! How do they know that the person that was wearing it wasn't going "commando" ???


To: Walmart-Very Annoyed. (The Reviewer) You're so gross and nasty.

Clearly if you don't understand the rules and the policies when it comes too what you're buying what you're wearing.

Then you need to stay home, if you are not going too have have the time. It would make the employees and managers jobs a lot easier not to deal with customers like you!


Cleary how is gross and nasty if they did not use the items? And clearly everybody needs to respect anybody if they are an customer, employee or an manager! Nobody should treated any body like this!

#1672241 are seriously gross. can't return socks either if they have been removed from the package or show any sign of wear.

It's completely gross to me that someone would try and return any sort of underwear, bras, etc. If you don't have time to try them on then you probably shouldn't buy them.


Agreed. This is gross and nasty that someone would do this!


If they were not worn than I don't see the problem.




So much hate and arrogance. If the packages are unopened or unused then an store should be able to return them if they have an receipt. Clearly you're not helping the situation to be an jerk to others!