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I have a credit score of 710 i own a 80,000 doller truck i bought a 310,000 doller home i make 4000 every two weeks teck mines i have top of the line credit card i apply for youre credit card not that i want it i was buged everytime i went to walmart to apply. When i did you denied me what a joke.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Do you own an $80,000 truck and a $310,000 home or are you making payments on them. Until they are paid off the bank owns them.

My guess is that a lot of your income already goes to paying off debt and you may have some late payments in your history. A 710 credit rating is kind of ok but nothing to brag about.


My Goodness! Maybe the reason that they denied your application is because of your poor spelling.

How does someone who cain't even spell the word "dollar" come up with the $80,000 to buy that truck. Did you win it gambling? Did you inherit it?

Did you get it from suing somebody? How does someone so uneducated come up with that kind of dough?


He peed on the floor in Walmart because he couldn't even aim. Then he slipped on his own *** fell, and sued Walmart. Very sad.