I went to Walmart on October 27, 2017 at 06:54:47 to purchase some items for work. I went to line 14 and paid for my items with a debit card.

I requested to receive $20 cash back. The cashier gave me my receipt which I placed in my bag before leaving the line. Once I made it to work I realized that I did not get the $20. I go back to the store and spoke with a yellow vest customer service rep that asked me to wait as she walked of with my receipt and she will be right back.

When the rep returned she said the cashier gave me the money. I explained that she did not give me the money and she called for the Anthony the manager. Anthony stated he reviewed the cameras and the cashier took the money out of the draw and gave it to me. I asked him if that is the case where did I put the money.

He stated all he needed to see is that she gave me the money. The cashier did not give me the money and I would like to receive my $20.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 28804 Gratiot Ave, Roseville, MI 48066, USA

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One time when I used the self checkout lane at the Wal-Mart Community store I forgot to get my coin change. I went back and told the lady that was watching the self checkout lanes and she told me that a lady had found the change right after I left and gave it to her.

She put in the coupon deposit slot and opened it up and gave it to me.

She said that sometimes people will leave without getting their cash change. Or sometimes they pay with a debit card and ask for cash back, but the machine is slow to dispense the cash and then the person will take off with their receipt and forget to get the cash back that they asked for.


I had a negative experience with a salary manager a referral # from Walmart for him, he also wanted to look at video, stating no way in my area ormy department, and made his decision pawned me off on someone else walked off,then after hour and half 9n phone 1800 Wally +waiting for head manager another 15+ while been told they wouldn't wait for me tho time invested is ridiculous finnally have $$ bk but waiting to hear if manager explain upon my negative experience from this ....tbc


I doubt the cashier gave you your money. Look at the receipt.

Cashiers are to CIRCLE the cash back amount on the receipt before they hand the cash to the customer. I see nothing circled.


You got scammed. Always check your recepit we hen you use debit or credit card.


I think she should see the video. In EVERY Walmart transaction I've gotten cash back except for the self service Pay & GO lanes.

The cashier is REQUIRED to circle the cash back receipt item line as they hand you the receipt and the cash. Looking at the receipt it was not done....suspect.


I think the store needs to allow her to see the Video of her getting her 20.00. This way both can see....I have been cheated an lied to by walmart...please stand up for your right.....if the manager refuses you then he probably did not even see the video


i agree. it would be that simple to settle the question to allow all parties involved to sit down and review the tape, to see if the cashier did indeed hand her the cash when the reciept was handed over or if it only was an illusion of handing over the cash and possibly the cashier pocketed the cash themselves.

any company., any store,,,, anyone in charge of the employees of a store, or the security, who is not willing to take the fifteen minutes it takes to give the customer peace of mind and not straight out insinuate they are lying and or scamming for something needs to find a new job. it is their responsibility to make sure that not only the consumer is not stealing from their employer, but also that the employees are not taking advantage of the customer, and the employer.


No one that works a cash register at walmart would pocket $20 there is a camera pointed right at you all the time. It would not be worth your job to take $20, it probably fell on the floor and someone else picked it up. The managers aren't going to lie about looking at the camera because that could be there job also


Ok very good idea


Thats a great idea and what she needs to do is contact the District Office not the store she went to. Let them handle it through higher channels. If the cashier did it to her; I am sure its a repeated action with us.


The store has video evidence that the cashier gave you the money. What you did with the money after it was in your possession is none of their concern.


You must work at Walmart


I would have given you the twenty bucks out of my pocket


If he saw you on camera, dude, you're caught... Quit trying to steal.

@Abigail Hlb

Wow Judge much?


Says the person that said someone must work for Walmart.


You realize that deciding who is right here is a huge problem. It pays to be very careful at the check stand, and clueless is not a good excuse.

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