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I went into a local Walmart in Toronto applied for their credit card and was given a slip to call and confirm. I called and confirmed all information required.

Wasn't told if I was approved or not I had to wait for my mail. I waited 3 weeks only to call and find out I was approved. So I advised them I hadn't received anything at that point. I added my wife as a second card holder on the account.

I got home from work and saw the card in the mail which was too late they had already cancelled it. So I had to wait another week for the new cards. Got the new cards and activated the cards. Asked my wife to do some shopping and she did using her card.

The next day the card was declined. Security put a freeze on both cards. Asked why they needed to confirm my addres. I sent in my driver's license and a few other ID's it took them 8 days to call me.

Wasn't good enough needed proof of address said no problem sent the proof still not good enoug. We need a utility bill or your notice of assessment. I don't pay utilities where I live. So I sent them my notice of assessment which still wasn't good enough.

When I did my taxes I used H&R block and did a cash back so their address got put on my notice of assessment to show where my taxes were paid to. It's been almost 3 months since I've applied for this card and can't use it. My wife used it twice in one day and frozen. If you didn't want me to have your card why approve me.

I've made a total of 178 calls and asked for a manager to call me back. No call backs finally be asked this morning why one hasn't called me back and got rude and said you give us what we want and when approved you will get your call.

I was told I can't make a complaint till approved. Well I owe $29 on my bill and won't pay it or any other monies owed on my card till approved and have a full active card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: I sum it up in my report.

Walmart Cons: Not taking care of a customer issue in a timely manner, Service plan that lied, Most employees lack of training.

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I never could understand why such a gorgeous lady like Jacklyn Smith would stoop so low as to have any kind of association whatsoever with KMarts.


Your last comment shows how little you know about credit. Not paying the bill will not only assure the company that provides Walmart credit cards won't give you one but it will also put a big ding on your credit rating.

When you got a slip when you initially applied that indicates you weren't granted instant credit for one reason or another.

They processed it and did grant credit, unfortunately you complained about not getting a card too soon and they canceled the card that was in the mail and issued you another. I'd guess that there is something in your credit file indicating you have had cards stolen or lost and they are trying to verify the right person has the cards.