My Husband works at one of your many stores, and we are greatful during these hard times. He always gets a fantastic review and applies for any mngr job openings when possible.

Everyone loves him 'cause he is such an excellent worker, is cross-trained & does not complain. But the magazines you hand out to employees, was disheartening to me! At store #369 a Loren Wade has been a good hard worker 4 u guys for 30 yrs. But yet, still a sales associate @ 101 yrs.


shame on u guys, I will not let that be my husband!! Have a heart, God see's everything!

  • Store 369 Loren Wade
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So do you dress your husband and cut his food up for him as well?


if i'm 101 years old, why would I want the responsibility and stress of being a manager or supervisor to lead me to my death? please think logical!


You husband should always be looking for other employment. Your husband has a better chance outside of Walmart.

Naples, Florida, United States #731790

What is your issue? If your husband wants to move up the chain, he can.

Maybe this 101 year old sales associate does not want to move up. Maybe he likes his job.


If you read it, and it was posted on our associate website saying he is working in Lawn & Garden for fun and to keep busy not for the money...

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #731736

Ever stop to think that maybe the 101 year old was happy just being a sales associate and had no desire to take on the *** that comes with being a manager? BTW does your husband have a voice or do you do all the speaking for him?

Maybe that is why he is not a manager. Let him put his own pants on.....

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