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I placed a online order on the 16th of December for a toy for my 4 year old son's Christmas present. The website showed the product to be delivered on the 21st of December.

Naturally, we checked the tracking to be sure it would make it in time. Every time we checked it displayed order being processed. The 21st gets here and there is no update on the order. We call to find out the status.

They tell us they order has been delayed and will not ship until the 23rd and we should receive it by the 27th. Knowing it would not be here in time, we canceled the order and found the product elsewhere. Roughly 2 hours after we canceled the order we get notification of the product shipping out to us. My wife calls customer service and they tell us we need to ship the product back and we would not get a refund for the shipping cost even though we canceled the order prior to it being shipped.

So they send an email with a return agreement we have to accept and get a label to ship back. Every email they have sent contains a link to my order with no return shipping information and nothing regarding a return agreement. My wife has called numerous times dealing with rude employees and even being hung up on multiple times. The local Wal-Mart store will not take our product back stating it has already been returned when clearly we have it in our hands.

I will no longer use Wal-Mart for any of our needs. They have lost my families business for good.

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i am not trying to defend unprofessionalism of walmart employees.. but please try to remember, before you completely shut down the online services, which leave a lot to be desired, yes,, that it was the week before christmas and stress levels for all employees who work retail, is huge during this last week before christmas..