Last night, my son and I returned a guitar hero guitar for Play Station 2 game. I bought it last month at Wal-Mart in Cowansville, Quebec Canada.

The guitar didn't work anymore, it's my 3rd time retuning it. The person at customer care told me I am not able to return it. They said it's because it's over a month old. It's 1 month and 3 days old.

But I had no problems before returning it before. The lady started screaming at me and my son.

That I can't return it. So Itold them i'll ever go to wal-mart again.

Nicole Hiptmayer

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #47124

Well, a month is a month. Not a month and 3 days. Every customer should be treated the same, why should you get special treatment?

Stargard Szczecinski, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland #13528

*** stfu stop your whining. if it was the 3rd time reterning then obviously u had problems with it.

and for someone to start yelling at you u probably diserved it. it the warranty is a month that *** can u not read? 1 month and 3 days isnt 1 month! smarten up women!

plus lets say ur insurance for ur car runs out 2day and tomorow u get in an accident well to bad for u u have to pay. same thing.

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