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I bought a 70 inch television from walmart and was told from the employee that if i bought their 3 year protection plan it would be covered under anything as well as if the screen got cracked since this was my main concern because i have a little one and i was worried that he may throw a toy or something. The associate assured me that the tv would be covered if something like that would happen.

Well 6 months later my son did just that and through a toy at the tv and it cracked. I went to file a claim and was told that they would not cover the tv because it was accidental damage. They said they only cover mechanical issues. They said they would not cover it at all.

So i called Vizio customer service and was told to call walmart. I called Walmart and was told that unfortunately they cant do anything besides refund me the protection plan money which was $80. I would not have bought the tv without it being fully prote ted! The Associate told me she wont refund me my money for the tv or replace it.

This was the most horrible experience i ever had and now i have no tv. This tv was almost 1000$.

I feel like I was lied too and now I lost all my money on a tv I cant replace. I know now not to purchase electronics at walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same thing here. Was told when offered the plan covered ANY damage.

Today our screen cracked and I found out they DON'T cover accidental damage. Just to test I went to Walmart and asked and none of the associates know that they are providing incorrect and misleading information to customers.

A lot of times they're out of the pamphlets while checking out, so you don't read it until it's too late and you go to file a claim. I believe this is Walmart's fault for not educating their cashier's if this is not intentional.


I'm experiencing the SAME issue with my 65" tv. The cashier said the plan "covers everything expect for theft"....

His EXACT words! O, too, bought for the same reason, worried about my 5 year old cracking it. Guess what? It's cracked and my protection plan that covers everything but theft apparently doesn't cover a crack.

Those employees make commission selling these plans. I'm beyond pissed that I was lied to!


I work at Walmart and intentional damage from your son is NOT covered. Besides Vizio is responsible first year and I know they don't cover intentional breakage


Did you even bother reading what your service plan covered? They are there to cover defects, not damage.

If they covered damage everyone would buy them and just punch *** in the screen when they wanted to upgrade their TV. Guess I'd keep a little better watch of my kid if they were throwing toys at things around the house.


So why would iPads and phones be covered but not flat screen televisions on accidental damage? Right on the cover of the protection plan it states that it covers accidental damage. I will for sure always read the fine print before purchasing anything again.


Like you just said, read the fine print BEFORE you purchase and extended service plan. They are there to make money for the company offering them. A plan that covered any damage you do for less than 10% of the price of the product sounds too good to be true, and as you found out it didn't cover what you were expecting.


Would be great if they'd actually have the paper with the FINE PRINT available at all times, cause I have purchased several of those plans being told they cover EVERYTHING and all I'd had to do is go on Walmart's website and that there was a link when they "were out" of the pamphlets.


No extended service or extended repair plan is ever worth it. Typically a defect in an item will be noticed within the warranty period.

And if something happens in that time they will just refer you to that warranty.

Then during the extended period is when the big guns come out and damn near every way you can think of to get your original item covered under that warranty will be a loop hole around it. And most of the time customers know how to get their stuff replaced even without a warranty.


We have been told each one that they do cover even cracked screens by Walmart employees so until you know what you’re talking about maybe you should just keep quiet


Also I was so angry at my son for damaging the TV and because the lies I was told I punched him in the parking lot. Someone saw me and reported me to CPS and now my son is in foster care.