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went to walmart. look at the bikes had one on floor went to sit on it and I fell into a shelve of boxes and got a scrape on the bottom eye and bleeding and a black eye and know its swollen shout.

the floors are to slippery.

this happened June 1,2011 at the walmart in the steelyard. name of person is Caroline Bradley email if need

the floor at walmart is very slippery so everyone be careful when going And for people, its not good to stair and laugh you should help the person out

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people always wont walmart to pay for dumb *** that people do...maybe you need to start off with training wheels!


First of all, learn how to spell and write. Second, I'm sure nobody at Walmart forced you to sit your *** on that bike.

And last but not least, start taking responsibility for your own actions. ***!!!


You're ***. It's not the store's fault you don't know how to stay on a bike.


LOL! If you aren't coordinated enough to sit on a bike, then you really have no business riding one.

I would have stared and laughed too.


Sorry that people stared & laughed at you. Totally rude!!

I don't think your injuries are Wal-Marts fault. YOU sat on the bike & fell..


I am sorry that you feel off the bike but How is it Walmarts fault? they didn't tell you to sit on the bike?

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