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I just left the Walmart in Freehold New Jersey after standing in line for about 15minutes. First of all, they just remodeled the whole store adding a grocery department and every time I go in there in the evening there are only 3 registers open.

They did away with the self checkouts, why I cannot understand. The lines were ridiculous at the three registers and everyone just stood there waiting and waiting. So the front end manager opens a register and I went over to it and he is yelling, announcing that the next person in line order is to go to this register, meanwhile I left my line and I was just at that point the 3rd person in that line to go over to the open lane and I am being yelled at like I am in school. Needless to say I threw my items on the floor and walked out.

I have been a customer of Walmart for so many years right when they first came to New Jersey. The quality and customer service has declined tremendously over the years but I just endured it. Tonight was just the last straw for me. I am not going to stand and be treated like I am desperate to save a couple of dollars.

I will never ever shop in any Walmart store ever again.

I will go to Target because at least there, they have many registers always open, the store is cleaner and the quality is better. Walmart, you just lost a good customer, but then again you have so many saps that will stand and be treated like garbage because they think they are saving substantial amounts of money, my business is not going to matter.

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You all clearly did not get the point of my complaint, and it has nothing to do with growing up. I was being patient at first, and in a large supermarket when another checkout opens you go to it..

it is not like at CVS or some small store where you can see who is next in line.. The point is, if you are going to have such a big Mega store then have the appropriate registers open to accommodate the customer flow. PERIOD. In any management position when you are dealing with the public, there is a certain way you should communicate with your customers.

Perhaps I am viewed as some kind of ***, but in my human weakness, I was led to the outburst.

So all of you who are so perfect and righteous just stand in line and be abused to save your few pennies. 8)

Entitlement makes me want to vomit.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #333179

Good luck at Target. There are 22 registers at the Target in my area. Usually only have 3 or 4 open with plenty of "Team Members" standing around talking that could open a register and shorten the lines.


Stores are doing away with self serve checkouts because they are getting ripped off by customers. Lots of ways to cheat at self serve.


It takes a true brat to throw things on the floor I would have told you to wait your turn too! How would you feel if somebody butted in line ahead of you? not good so just grow up!


Really I am not defending Walmart but common courtesy is you let the next person in line go first. Has no one ever taught you manners? You were wrong by trying to cut the line not the manager.


You threw your items on the floor? Grow the *** up!

What are you, 2 years old? You must be because the manager had to tell you that you couldn't budge in front of people. So you had to wait 15 mintues..BFD!

When you go to the Dr and he makes you wait 15 minutes do you throw a big hissy fit and start throwing things on the floor?

You have a lot of growing up to do, princess.

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