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the fabric department at 1148in Wichita Falls, tx is horrible. It used to be the best place in this town to buy fabric now is is just a very sad pathetic excuse for a fabric department. It is always dirty and there is seldom anyone who know how to cut fabric back there. They just have anyone who happens to be nearby cut fabric. It usually take about 20 minutes to even get anybody back there. When Allen Donaldson was there this would never have been allowed to happen. The management in that store is a joke and an extremely bad reflection on walmart. Does Bentonville just not care about what is happening in theirstores. Have they gotten so large that the customer no longer matters.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Also you should be thankful your WalMart still has a fabric department, a lot of them don't anymore. As the stores remodel they get rid of the fabric department.

Everytime my Walmart gets done remodeling there is less fabric in that department and when I mention that to person in fabrics, the reply goes something like this, no we didn't, we just got rid of some of the tables. My thought is always, if they got rid of some of the tables where did they put the fabric?


I buy a lot of fabric at my WalMart and have for years. There are times it does take a long time to get somebody to the department to cut fabric, and I admit it seems longer because you are waiting.

I am pretty sure you haven't waited for 20 minutes to have fabric cut, it just seems that way because you are waiting. I also find it hard to believe that you have had people help you that don't know how to cut fabric. I have had people from the hardware department cut fabric for me, as well as one employee that appears to be on the slow side and not quit sure if the employee is a guy or a girl, but the person knew how to cut fabric. IF you are so great why don't you apply for a job in that department.

What do you mean the fabric department is dirty----do you mean cluttered? If you mean cluttered, apparently you have never been in a national, well known chain of fabric stores.

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