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I made a purchase at the Walmart in Winder Ga and I had to return it because it did not fit. I do not live in that area so I went to the Walmart located in Buford on Sardis church Rd.

Which the locals know it as the Hamilton Mill Walmart. I had my receipts and I paid with my debit card which I no longer had and the ladies at customer service told me that it had to go back on a gift card because there policy changed back in NOVEMBER 2016... If the money did not go back on the card whether you had the receipts or not it goes back on a gift card. I told her I would not accept that.

Debit is considered as cash and I had my receipts so I wanted the cash. The manager was called because no one could show me where this NEW change had been posted for customers to see. The manager wanted to take me to the check out where there computer is to show me this policy on the COMPUTER. I cant believe a store of this size would I am guessing purposely not post a change that affects their customers.

I called the corporate number and its been over a week still have not received a phone call from there STORE MANAGER! I decided to drive over 30 min to the Walmart I made the purchase at and without saying a word about what just happened the Gentlemen at the Winder store refunded my purchase in cash. Not saying anything about a "POLICY CHANGE" Thank You Winder Walmart. And as far as the Walmart on sardis church rd you have the horrible customer service and I will never shop there again!

So anyone wanting a refund in cash with a receipts good luck. I am sure they still have not posted the change!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Policy not displayed and managerwanting to show me on a computer, Service and attitude, Big issue over a nine dollar item.

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why so long to return---so long you no longer had orig debit card...its common for drug users to run outta $ so look for things around the house to return for $....therefore receipt is gone or enough time lapsed for debit card to be changed


Now I can stoop to your level and claim that you only posted this review because you got fired from Walmart or were arrested for shoplifting and this is your attempt to discredit them. But I will not be as immature as you are and stoop to your level.

I am better than that. I won't ASSume that you were fired from the company you are complaining about the childish way you are ASSuming that I work for pissed consumer.

You are obviously immature and no matter who tells you that you are wrong you seem to think you are in the right. I wish you the best of luck in life because clearly you need it because I doubt you have many friends with your attitude.


Please deactivate my account. I have been getting numerous repays form MakeMyDay2016 that I just do not have time for.

Then I was informed by someone else that this person works for "Pissed Consumer" and is only replying to get there percentages up. This is ridicules and If this is true then that person has made me not want to be on this web site period. That's not being customer friendly and to start *** with someone just to get response says a lot about that person and the company that they will do anything for there percentages. Either way I don not want this account anymore.

Please deactivate my account. My user name is Cande630 and the original review that I posted # is 992758. I do not want to get emails or anything else from this web site. Please send me an email that it has been deactivated.

Thank You

After looking at your page it's obvious that you work for the company with all of they pages of reply's you have. I have filed this complaint with "pissed Consumers" through there complaint page. You truly need a life.

Do not bother responding to me any more because you will never get another response from me again! GET A REAL JOB!


I do not work for this website, the person that you have been informed is a liar. If you click on his username you will see in his original post he claims one thing and then something else.

I am simply telling you the truth, and explaining why the they could not refund you on your debit card. I thought you were a child based on your behavior and lack of knowledge.

I do not work for the company, but you have admitted to beating your child because of this website. I asked for that post removed as well as posts wher you said you like girls that are young sexually.


With your attitude I can see why the store manager would not want to contact you. He does not want you as a customer.

Generally they want all their customers, but when someone that is 43 years old behaves like a four year old they would rather lose that customer. Your not returning is not going to shut the store or whole company down.

Though you are 43 years old you still need adult supervision when you go shopping.


Lol I have no tolerance for *** people! Get a life this is a customer complaint. If you dont like it find another web sit to go on!


This is a complaints site, but people can respond to your complaints. No need to call me stup*d when a four year old child has more smarts than you do.

You don't like people's replies than don't share your complaint. Your own stupidiness is what makes this site look bad. People posting foolish complaints when they don't want to follow rules because they lack reading comprenhension. I have every right to reply to you even if I disagree with you.

If you cannot take criticism than don't share your experience on here. It is not hard for a normal person to figure this out.


I guess you have no tolerance for yourself since he explained why they had to give you a gift card. If you had the same debit card it won't be an issue.

The only *** oh here is you.

Also can't you even spell out ***, what is it that much of a bad word that you are offended in spelling it out. But since you have no tolerance for *** people I guess you cannot tolerate yourself.


Are you even old enough to have a debit card? I ask because basically getting a store gift card is the same as getting money.

Only you can only spend it in Walmart. You are most likely to do grocery shopping there so why throw a temper tantrum like a four year old if you are an adult.

If you were old enough to think and use common sense you would know that you cannot get it on ANOTHER debit card because you can easily take a receipt and claim that you want the refund on another debit card. I would think that anyone over the age of four would be able to figure this out.


First off I am 43 years old and have worked in retail for 20 years......THANK YOU! Maybe you shop at walmart for your grocery but but Not everyone does.

When you refund something at any store the employee should mark your receipts by crossing that item off that your returning. If not then they need to be retrained. And when you purchase something with a Debit card it is considered cash period! If i didn't have a receipt then yes they have every right to put it back on a "Walmart gift card" but I had a receipt and did you ever think that maybe I didn't want to spend my money at Walmart?

They are not going to determine that by refunding my cash on there card! Maybe you don't care who controls your money but I do!


I do not think that any corporate location for any business has a store manager at that location.


Every store should have a store manager and when I called the 800 number for the corp office it does not go to that store. The corp office emails the store manager and his district manager.

If they do not have a manger then it would have gone to the next in charge. It just shows there lack of customer service.


This is what you stated in your complaint...

I called the corporate number and its been over a week still have not received a phone call from there STORE MANAGER!

So no, Corporate Headquarters does not have a store manager since it is an office, not a store.


You need to reread what I wrote. You obviously have never made a complainant before.

I was an asst manager meaning I ran a store not walmart but another when the store manager was not there! I know how the procidures work!! A corporate office is just that! A store manager is someone that manages the store at the store NOT AT A CORP OFFICE!

And the fact you had to call to find that out means you are clueless at how things work which then I have to ask why are you even on this web sit? Let me explain more clearly how things work. When someone has a complaint with a store they have an option of either asking to speak to the store manager with in the store while you are there or they along with every business in the world pretty much has corp offices that you can contact if your not happy with there service. I called the corporate office..

This is a different building in a different state completely different! The store manager is at the store not a corp office. When you call a corp office to make a complaint they type it all into the computer and send an EMAIL TO THE STORE MANAGER AT HIS STORE, which is at a walmart location not a corp office. They not only send it to the store manager but they also send it to the district manager which his office could be located at any of the walmart locations!

When i was an asst manager our distract manager Office was at our store. Once they receive the email they store manager calls the customer to address the complaint. In this case this did not happen which to me is why i feel they have bad customer service. And this is why the service desk manager has such a negitive attitude with the cuatomers.....because they don't care about therd customer.

I hope you read this entire massage and understand it. And i hope learn from it!