Apollo, Pennsylvania

I was up at your store early this evening. I got 8 bags of charcoal.

Two in the bag came at $46.00, which they overcharged me by $22.00. I went back up there with my receipt. I did not like the attitude when I tried to explain. There were three of them.

When they saw I was right, I do not know if she was the manager or what, I did not like her when she told the cashier to "give this man his money". I really did not like that, it should be "give this gentleman his refund". I am still upset.

That was about 3 o' clock in customer service. I'm 69 years old and I did not like that "give this man his money".

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I would have said, "Give this *** his money."


maybe the manager was just having a bad day? they could have said worse, at least you got your money back.

as for MsLea, you would have gone nuts. you would have tried to return stolen charcoal, expected them to give you double of what they cost and have the red carpet ready for you.


They will call you a gentleman if you behave like one. You have no right complaining.

You have mental issues if you are upset.

Now if he said give this fu*king *** b@start of a loser a refund and you were upset I could understand. Frankly if you are upset you have mental issues, and most likely they did not call you a gentleman because you were behaving like an ape.


your dating yourself pretty bad if not being called a gentleman is your complaint. you got your money, y u mad 4?


i would have asked you if the nursing home allows you to even use charcoal. that would have been rude.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Well you are a man. I mean it is not like she said "give this geezer back his

money." She didn't insult you or anything.